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Kids Judo – Learn more at the Online Dojo

Kids Judo with Koka Kids

Kids Judo Online Dojo

Kids Judo is our online dojo, packed with activities for junior judoka, with animations to watch, and free certificates to download.

Learn judo basics like how to tie your belt or how to perform a judo ukemi.

Improve your throwing skills by watching the judo throws animations or taking part in the uchikomi challenge.

Get creative and learn how to draw the judo monkey, Uchi Banani and enter your artwork in the Dojo Art Gallery.

Kids Judo
judo throws

How to enter the online Dojo

What do you want to do first?

  1. Take your shoes off and bow (only kidding but you can if you want)
  2. Scroll down and read up on each judo game or activity
  3. Click on the image to play or find out more.

First – a few rules!

Lots of these fun games and activities can be done at home, but do check with your parent or guardian first.

Always make sure you have lots of space around you and let your judo coach know what you are doing!

Any Japanese judo words you don’t understand? See this page to discover English meanings to 85 Japanese judo terms and phrases.


learn judo throws for kids

1. Learn Judo Throws for Kids

Want to find out how to do a certain judo technique? We have you covered! Here are lots of judo throw animations to help you study and learn how to do each technique.

Find out how to throw with Morote Seoi Nage or how to do Yamarashi like Olympic champion, Ilias Iliadis.

If you can’t get to a dojo right now, then remember you can always practise tandoku renshu – solo judo training. Find out what that is and get some ideas to use here with our Shadow Training Drills.

Enter the Judo Throws Class now.

Ashi Guruma

kids judo learn ukemi

2. Kids Judo: Learn How to Ukemi (Breakfall)

Ukemi means breakfalls. We are certain you know that, already. But can you do all four judo breakfalls?

Test your knowledge by entering the Ukemi Class now.

In this class learn how to fall forwards, backwards and sideways and gain confidence with your judo.

Judo Colouring Book

2. Get Arty – and win a prize!

Judo Colouring Book

Each month we hold a Judo Colouring Competition, with some great judo prizes for you to win.

Use pages from the Judo Colouring Book or the How to Draw the Koka Kids cartoon characters and get creative!

Find out how to enter the competition here.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani.

kids judo how to tie your judo belt

3. Kids Judo Challenge: how fast can you tie your judo belt?

First learn how to tie your judo belt correctly. Then when you’ve got that nailed, speed it up!

Let’s see how fast you can tie your belt. See how you rate on the Belt Tying speed chart.

Are you fast enough to get your Judo Belt Up Certificate?

Take the Obi Speed Challenge now!

uchi-komi challenge for judoka

4. Uchikomi Challenge: Can you get all the certificates?

Uchikomi is the repetition of a judo throw and a great way to train to get better at judo.

Take any of the judo techniques you know and begin the Uchikomi challenge today. Can you achieve the very top level?

Why not use the best scoring techniques at an Olympic Games to complete this class.

See if you can get all five certificates. Remember to contact us and let us know, if you complete the 1,000 Certificate so we can add you into the Koka Kids leaderboard.

5. Learn to Draw Uchi Banani and all his friends.

Uchi Banani is everyone’s favourite judo monkey (you can even buy him in the Shop!) and now you can learn how to draw him by getting your copy of How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters.

Two Activity & Colouring Books for Judoka


Coaches, take a look at the IJF Schools Programme for Kids for more ideas about teaching judo to kids in schools.