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Morote Seoi-Nage – See how to do this judo throw

Morote Seoi-Nage

Morote Seoi-Nage is a shoulder throw and one of top scoring techniques at the Olympic Games. You can throw from a standing or drop/kneeling position.

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How to throw with Morote Seoi-Nage

  1. Pull uke forwards making sure you break their balance as you do.

2. Turn in, tucking your elbow under uke’s bicep.

3. Lift uke, making sure you use your legs to drive upwards. Finish the throw rotating uke onto their back by pulling on the sleeve, and lowering your upper body.

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Koga on Seoi-Nage

Watch the legendary Koga teach a classic version of this throw in this video and here, the famous one-handed Koga Seoinage that set the judo world alight at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

Top Ten Throws

Morote-Seoi-Nage is one of our top ten judo throws, and it is a British Judo Association requirement for 8th Mon (orange belt).

Judo Combination

Morote Seoi-Nage Combinations

Kouchi-Gari into Morote Seoi-Nage.

First set up attacking with kouchi-gari.

Attack strongly enough to make uke take a step backwards, then wait until uke steps forwards again to recover their position.

As they step forwards use this forward motion to throw.

Ouchi-Gari into Morote Seoi-Nage.

Or you can use Ouchi-Gari to set up. Ouchi-Gari is a great choice, because it opens up space between you and your partner.

This space allows you to turn in for Seoi-Nage.

Morote Seoi-Nage into Ippon Seoi-Nage.

Now let’s change of direction.

Allow uke to avoid your first attack by slipping off to the side.

As they recover their balance, switch back to the Ippon Seoi-Nage

Groundwork Counters

Don’t forget you can counter failed judo throws with groundwork, turning your partner over and into an osae-komi.

1. Drop Morote Seoi-Nage countered by a Pull-through.

First make sure you avoid the attack by stepping off it. As you step off it pull uke sharply to make sure they are on all fours. Now do your pull-through turnover.

2. Drop Morote Seoi-Nage countered by a Lapel Roll.

Once you have blocked the attack. Grab both collars, and roll uke over. It’s important with this one to block the throw before you jump on uke’s back or they will complete the attack and score!

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