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How to throw with Ouchi-Gari

How to throw with Ouchi-Gari? Read on for this tutorial on how to throw with this rear judo throw.

Ouchi-Gari features in the judo books and also in the Coaching Resource: Teaching Judo Visuals for Ouchi-Gari

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How to throw with Ouchi- Gari

How to throw with Ouchi-Gari? Approach learning this judo technique in the same way you’d approach learning any technique.

First practice the basic movement of the judo technique you want to master, taking it slowly at first.

Aim to get the “feel” of the move, making sure you have the right grip, your feet are placed correctly and your posture is good.

Once you have mastered the basics then try the same technique with uke moving forwards or backwards.

If you want to take your technique to a new level, build up combinations using the main judo technique and linking it with another judo throw.

Improving your technique is never-ending, with infinite combinations, angles, grips that you can use as you begin to specialise, and make a judo technique your own.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s go back to the basics and study how to throw with Ouchi-Gari…

Ouchi Gari: step by step guide

Breaking Balance for Ouchi-Gari

Holding the collar and sleeve step forward with your support leg and pull upwards with your arms to break use’s balance.

Next begin the attack by moving your attacking leg through the centre of uke’s legs. Keep your centre of gravity low and your body square on.


Hook the Leg

The next step in learning how to throw with Ouchi-Gari is getting the leg action nailed.

Hook your leg around uke’s calf and reap it strongly towards you. Don’t put your foot down on the mat.


Drive Backwards with Ouchi Gari

Drive strongly off your back foot.

The power from this technique comes from your support leg.

As you drive backwards with your hands controlling uke’s upper body, make sure you power off your support leg.


Keep Body Square on for Ouchi-Gari

Keep reaping uke’s leg towards you in a large circle, as you drive backwards towards the mat. Remember to keep your body square on, with your chest facing uke.

By keeping your body square on you will avoid getting countered.


Ippon Finish

Follow the technique right down to the tatami to score an ippon.

Uke – remember to ukemi with an open palm.

That’s it! You’ve learnt the basic movement to how to throw with Ouchi-Gari. Now it’s a matter of practice makes perfect!

For more on this technique watch the Superstar videos.

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