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Jigoro Kano Moral Code

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Jigoro Kano Moral Code

This book begins with a short story for children to read about the life of Jigoro Kano. As a boy growing up he was bullied and ridiculed. But with courage in his heart, Jigoro set out to make a difference in his own life and in doing so made a difference in the lives of million.

Then, the book explores each part of of the judo moral code, with fun illustrationsto get the reader thinking about what each word means to them.

How this book will help your judo

Discover the meaning of the moral code

1. Courage
2. Courtesy
3. Honour
4. Honesty
5. Modesty
6. Self Control
7. Respect
8. Friendship

Jigoro Kano Moral Code Book

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