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Learn 20 Judo Combinations

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Learn 20 Combinations

Combination judo is the secret to taking your judo to the next level.
There are 20 combinations in this book to get you going! Get tips from world champion author, Nik Fairbrother on how to link throws together, as you fine-tune your skills and become a better judoka.

How this book will help your judo

★ This book contains 20 combinations

★ There are clear, step by step illustrations on how to do each combination.

★ Learn how to get the right reaction to throw.

★ Get tips to take your judo to an advanced level.

★ The author, Nik Fairbrother is a 7th Dan, an Olympic silver medallist and a judo world champion and brings over 30 years of judo expertise.

20 Combinations

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