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Books for Kids Who Love Judo

Scroll down to find out more about each book or click the button to buy the book. All the books are available on amazon as paperback and ebook. Additionally, 40 Judo Throws is available to buy directly from our shop. Get Club Rates.

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40 Judo Throws – Learn How to Throw

Having trouble remembering all the judo techniques and their names? This book makes learning easy. Easy-to-remember illustrations walk you through each technique. From grip, to entry, to lift, to rotation to finish. All 40 judo throws in the Gokyo are included.

This is our best selling judo book suitable for judoka of all abilities.

Learn Judo Groundwork – Master 20 Turnovers

Groundwork judo is fun and an easy way to score a judo ippon! But many kids get stuck at the first hurdle of not knowing how to turn their partner over.

With 20 fully illustrated turnovers to learn, this book will make sure you never have that problem again:

Learn Judo Terminology with 85 Japanese Words

Learning Japanese terminology is a part of learning judo. Don’t panic! It’s not as difficult as it sounds.
To help you we have put together a free e-book with 85 Japanese judo words, fun illustrations and easy-to-remember graphics.

Get your free book and you will discover all these words and more!

10 Judo Hold Downs & 10 Challenges

Want to get to grip with judo basics? This book will help you learn one of the most important skills of the all – hold downs! Plus there are ten fun groundwork challenges set by world champion, Nik Fairbrother for you to complete.

This is one of our best judo books for kids who are just beginning judo.

Learn Judo Breakfalls & 10 Agility Test

How to do a Judo Breakfall? Learning how to roll and fall correctly is key to building confidence for judo. This book covers the four main forms of ukemi; how to fall forwards; backwards; sideways; and how to do a rolling breakfall. Plus try the 10 agility tests - designed by world judo champion, Nik Fairbrother, and put the skills into practice.

This judo book is for beginners, or anyone who wants to improve their ukemi and agility skills.

10 Judo Throws and 20 Dojo Drills

Want to become faster on your entry to a technique? Improve your footwork? And generally get better at doing 10 key judo throws? This judo training book has 20 drills to improve 10 throws: Kouchi-Gari, Ouchi-Gari, Harai-Goshi, Ippon Seoi Nage, Tai-Otoshi, De-Ashi-Barai, Morote Seoi-Nage, Osoto-Gari and Kosoto-Gari.

This is one of our best judo books for kids looking to work on technique and becoming a better all round judoka.

Judo Colouring Book

Featuring full page drawings of over 50 judo throws, with huge ippons, many different techniques and fantastic backgrounds.

This kids colouring book includes
★ 50 ippon drawings to colour in.
★ Spectacular action throws
★ Dynamic, exploding backgrounds
★ Bold, clear lines
★ A4 pages
★ Provides hours of creativity and fun.

You can use this book to enter the monthly Koka Kids Prize Colouring Competition

How to Draw Cartoon Characters

How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters will show you how to draw four of the Kok aKids characters from scratch.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani, Tommy Nagy, Katie Gatame and Blushido.

Learn how to draw cartoon eyes and create expressions. By making simple changes to the eyes, eyebrows and mouth you can make your character frown or laugh or wink or look surprised. We will show you how!

This kids how to draw book includes
- Simple steps and easy to follow instructions.
- 4 different characters
- 16 facial expressions
- Large A4 pages
- Ideas for your own projects

A great how to draw comics book, for kids 9-12.

Especially appropriate for budding judoka, but suitable for all children who want to learn how to draw comics and cartoon characters.

Jigoro Kano Moral Code

This book begins with a short story for children to read about the life of Jigoro Kano. As a boy growing up he was bullied and ridiculed. But with courage in his heart, Jigoro set out to make a difference in his own life and in doing so made a difference in the lives of million.

Then, the book explores each part of of the judo moral code, with fun illustrationsto get the reader thinking about what each word means to them.

Learn Judo Terminology: 85 Japanese Judo Words

“Learn Judo Terminology with 85 Japanese Words” covers all the main judo words you need to know right through to black belt!

The words are broken down into easy-to-learn sections, with fun illustrations and vocabulary charts.

By the end of reading this book you will be able to understand 85 Japanese Judo Words.

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