Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo books for kids who love judo

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The Koka Kids Book Series

40 Judo Throws

Our bestselling book for judoka of all levels who want to learn how to throw.

40 Judo Throws

Jigoro Kano and the Judo Moral Code

Discover the meaning of courage, respect, friendship, honesty, modesty, honour, self-control and friendship.

Jigoro Kano Moral Code Book

10 Judo Hold Downs

A great book for beginners, with 10 holds and fun challenges to complete.

10 Judo Hold Downs Book

10 Judo Throws and 20 Drills

A ton of drills to practice fundamental movements for ten key techniques.

judo skill training book

Learn Judo Breakfalls

Using 10 agility tests this book teaches kids to roll and fall safely and correctly.

Learn Judo Breakfalls Book Cover

Learn Judo Groundwork – 20 Turnovers

For judoka serious about getting better at newaza, this book will get you there!

Judo Groundwork Book

Judo Colouring Book

50 full page ippon throws, for you to colour in

Judo Colouring Book

How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters

Learn step by step how to draw Uchi Banani, Blushido, Tommy Nagy and Katie Gatame

How to Draw Cartoon Characters

Learn Judo Terminology: 85 Japanese Words

A free ebook with 85 Japanese judo commands and their English meanings.

Judo Words Book by Koka Kids

Irish Judo Association Shamrock and Mon Syllabus

All technical requirements from Shamrock through to 12th Mon (junior brown belt)

Irish Judo Syllabus Mon Grade

Learn judo & Read more

These books make learning judo visual, easy and fun and they get kids to read more!

Koka Kids books aim make learning judo easy and fun.

Whatever, your judo ability Koka Kids Judo Books has a book right for your level.

By the end of each book you will have learnt new judo skills.

Read the full collection to master judo techniques (both groundwork and standing), judo terminology and the judo moral code.

Each book focuses on a different area of judo knowledge.

Click on any of the books above or watch the videos to find out what you will learn from each book.

How to buy the books

Buy the books via amazon, or directly from Koka Kids through the Shop page.

40 Judo Throws is now available directly from the Koka Kids Shop where you can buy single copies or order in bulk and get special judo club rates. We can deliver this book to the UK, USA and Canada.

For the rest of the books, or if you live in a different country, please purchase the books directly from Amazon.

You can buy these judo books at amazon, as paperback with delivery to most countries in the world. They are also available in ebook format.

Who is the author?

All the books are written by World Judo Champion Nik Fairbrother, 7th Dan

Nik Fairbrother is the creator, author and designer behind this range of popular judo books for kids and children. Nik is a judo world champion and the 1992 Olympic silver medallist and holds the 7th Dan black belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please do contact us or take a look below.

How do these books help kids learn?

Packed full of illustrations these judo books help children quickly understand judo techniques, as they are able to visualise the move and study the stages in their own time, at their own pace. Especially suited to visual learners.

What is a visual learner?

The majority of kids in any dojo (or classroom) are visual learners which means their preferred modality of comprehension is through images, graphics and visuals. It is estimated 2 out of every 3 children are visual learners.

Which is the best book for my child who has just started judo?

Learn Judo Hold downs & 10 Osaekomi Challenges and Learn Judo Breakfalls & 10 Agility Tests cover judo basics and are suitable to judo beginners and intermediates.

85 Japanese Judo Words is a useful book to get at any stage of learning from beginner upwards. It contains 85 common Japanese judo commands, that will be used by your instructor, and their English meanings.

Which are the best books to learn groundwork judo?

There are two groundwork judo books

Learn Judo Hold downs & 10 Osaekomi Challenges focuses on judo basics and the hold downs, and is suitable for beginners

And 20 Judo Turnovers Learn Newaza Book takes learning newaza to the next level, teaching how to break through defences and turn your partner over, and it more suitable for intermediate or advanced judoka.

Which is the best judo book to learn techniques?

40 Judo Throws: Learn every technique in the Gokyo is our best selling judo book.

This comprehensive, 100 page book teaches the reader how to do every single judo technique in the judo syllabus. Perfect for referencing for gradings.

Which are the best judo books for kids looking to improve fitness?

Taking judo training a step further, 10 Judo Throws and 20 Dojo Drills shows judoka of all levels how to train technique.

Learn Judo Breakfalls & 10 Agility Tests will help improve motor skills and coordination with ten fun and challenging agility tests.

Do you have judo colouring books for the younger age groups?

Yes, we have two activity books for young children to enjoy. Judo Colouring Book contains 50 black and white Ippon drawings for you to colour in. While How To Draw the Koka Kids shows you, the steps to draw the cartoon faces, eyes and characters of the Koka Kids team.

Do you have any free judo books?

Yes we do! We have a free ebook to help you learn judo words and to give you a taste of what the Koka Kids Judo Books are all about. Just sign up here and we will send you a free copy.

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