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Judo Words – Learn 85 Japanese Judo Terms

Judo Words and Terminology

Judo Words Book by Koka Kids
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Learning Japanese terminology is a part of learning judo.

Don’t panic! It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

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Learn 85 Japanese Judo words and their meaning in English.

Learn 85 Japanese Judo Words

It’s easy!

Soon you’ll be using Japanese words to speak to your sensei (judo coach) and judoka (judo players.)

Why do judoka speak in Japanese?

Judo comes from Japan and many of the judo commands and phrases remain in the original language.

How will learning these words help you improve your judo?

1. Understanding Judo Commands

Judo commands are in Japanese.

You won’t hear your judo coach say, “begin practicing now!” or telling you to “stop!” instead you will hear “Hajime!” and “Matte!”

By learning these Japanese judo words you will be able to understand what’s going on at your judo class.

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2: Gradings and Promotions

You need to know these words to pass your theory and grade up to the next belt.

Learn both the Japanese word and its English meaning.

For example to grade to yellow belt you must know the following Japanese words: Judogi (judo suit), Obi (judo belt) and Zori (judo footwear)

Learning Japanese will help you understand the names of the judo throws.

Judo Words Book by Koka Kids
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What will you learn from the book?

At Your First Judo Class

You will be able to understand your sensei, when s/he tells you to rei or to hajime.

In the Dojo

When you first enter the dojo you will see other judoka on the tatami. Some dojos have a photo of Jigoro Kano on the wall.

Judo Equipment

You wear a judogi when you go to judo, tied up with an obi. Wear you zori until the edge of the mat, but never on the mat.

Getting Technical

You will start your judo class with ukemi. During the session you can be both tori and uke, and it’s always a good idea to practice each technique both migi and hidari.

Groundwork Judo Terms

Newaza techniques include osaekomi and turnovers. Find out what toketa, kuzure and fusegi mean.

Download the book: 85 Japanese Judo Words now!

Standing Judo Terms

Tachi-waza means standing judo. Practice by doing lots of uchi-komi and nage-komi, so you can develop your tokui-waza.

Competition Scores & Commands

Make sure you know what ippon, waza-ari, yuko mean and what to do if the referee suddenly shouts sono mama! Avoid getting penalties like a shido, and whatever you do don’t get a hansoku-make!

Grades and Belt Promotions

Junior judoka are ranking into Mon Grades. One day, we all aim to get our Dan Grade. The highest judo grade is a Judan.

Naming Body Parts in Japanese

Can you tell your mune from your hiza?

Learn the Japanese words for the body parts and understand the Japanese names of judo throws like Hiza-Guruma or Mune-Gatame.

Words for Judo Spirit and Courage

Scream a Kiai to gather your Fudoshin but always show proper Reiho!

What does all this mean in English?

Get your free book and find out!

Judo Words Book by Koka Kids
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