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Hi and welcome,

I’m Nik Fairbrother and promoting judo has been my mission since becoming a judo world champion and Olympic silver medallist (Barcelona 1992).

Amongst other things, these days I write, I design and I create judo resources.

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That’s usually once a month – unless I’m somewhere remote and gloriously without internet 🙂

Each year, to keep costs as low as possible for clubs, I do a one-off print run of the Dojo Banners.

“Fifty Judo Throws & Holds is a judo book with step by step illustrations of every technique in the Gokyo and here’s a quick link to the Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine.

There are also judo t-shirts, hoodies and along with our friends at Fighting Films we recently manufactured a specialised quality children’s judogi – all available buy in the Shop section of this website, individually or by clubs at wholesale rates.

Download any coach resource packs and get templates to print and use at your dojo.

The mission? It’s simple:

To promote junior judo.

To provide judo coaches with ready-made resources.

To increase participation and to improve retention.

Marketing Judo is close to my heart. I’ve been having a go at getting judo out to the masses, for the last 18 years. I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside many judo coaches and National Governing Bodies who have supported publishing the Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine. I’ve written for The Sunday Times, The Times and The Guardian, and commentated for the BBC on judo at three Olympic Games.

I had an extra-ordinary judo coach – the legendary, late Don Werner.

Don himself never believed in luck but I count myself lucky to have walked into his Dojo when I was 8 years old.

Don saw in all his pupils some sort of champion. It’s Don’s drills, training methods and philosophy that form the core to all the technical resources: Newaza Turnovers, Advanced Judo and Top Ten Throws

And it’s Don’s philosophy that forms much of how I live today.

People often ask me if I miss competing? And I have to say I do. Travelling the world, being apart of the Great Britain’s women’s judo team, competing in two Olympic Games … who wouldn’t miss it! But life is good. When I’m not creating judo resources, you’ll find me mountain biking, snowboarding or training to be a chef!

Here’s more about why I do this and some tools I use daily that could help you too.

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