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Hi! I’m Nik Fairbrother

I am a former World Judo Champion (here’s a video of the world final), an Olympic silver medallist (1992, Barcelona), a 3 x European Champion, 9 x British Champion, 7th Dan, MBE, and a Pinewood Judo Club life member and elite badge holder.

I design and create judo resources for coaches all over the world to to use to teach judo.  

Here’s more about why I do this

Judo Resources

Click below to find out more about each resource.

Judo Book for Kids

 Fifty Judo Throws & Holds Book Every single technique in the Judo Gokyo, fully illustrated and explained step by step in this 100 page book.

 Top Ten Throws  30 High quality pdf files for judo coaches to download and print and use to teach ten fundamental throws. Includes certificates, posters and key stage cards. 

 Newaza Turnovers  Teach ten ground work turnovers and hold downs with this comprehensive resource. Includes 30 High quality pdf files to print off certificates, posters and key stage cards to use at your judo club.

Advanced Judo A pack of resources for judo coaches to use to teach twenty judo combinations. Includes certificates and key stage cards. Digital product.

judo tshirts

Judo T-shirts, Hoodies and Children’s Judogi visit the Shop section of this website. Club Rates on request.

A word about Don

I had an extra-ordinary judo coach – the legendary, late Don Werner, Sensei of the Pinewood Judo Club in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Don himself never believed in luck but I count myself lucky to have walked into his Dojo, the Pinewood Judo Club when I was 8 years old.

 Don saw in all his pupils some sort of champion. his belief made each of us believe in ourselves. 

Don’s drills, training methods, and philosophy that form the core to all the technical resources you’ll find on this website.

If you want to know more about Don Werner please read Moderately Satisfied: Don Werner Our Sensei, a book I authored along with Pinewood club mate, Karen Roberts.

Beyond Judo

When I’m not creating judo resources, you’ll find me mountain biking, snowboarding or training to be a chef!

Please do follow me on Instagram if you are interested in what I’m doing beyond the world of judo do follow me: @nicola_fairbrother


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