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Nik Fairbrother

Nik Fairbrother is the creator of the children’s judo programme Koka Kids. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic silver medal, a year later she became world judo champion. She holds the 7th Dan black belt and an MBE awarded by HRM The Queen.

Nik Fairbrother and Koka Kids

Here is more from Nik Fairbrother about what she does, how and why.

The mission

Helping children learn more about judo has been my mission since becoming world judo champion and olympic silver medallist.

I believe in making judo fun yet seriously so. Technique matters and so does the judo moral code.

I aim to teach and to inspire using visual images which makes learning faster, easier and more effective.

Four key drivers

Underlying very goal and product are these four key drivers:

100% Junior Judo

Create with the junior judoka in mind. The kids form the base to the judo pyramid and we need to find ways to encourage and engage this age group.

Technique Matters

Keep it fun yet make sure it is serious fun, and don’t dumb it down. Use the lessons I’ve learnt during 40 years in judo to keep it real.

Ask the Coaches

Be in touch with the judo coaches who are running the day to day judo classes. Ask them for feedback. See what they need.

Visual Learning

Build a library of judo graphics. Visuals that help stimulate learning. Understand more and more about the importance of this method of learning.

Nik Fairbrother Judo

The Goals

  • Get kids to read more using a subject they love.
  • Engage children in their judo, to spark a passion so they want to learn more.
  • Teach judo basics.
  • Get positive, motivating messages across.
  • Promote the judo moral code.
  • Make learning techniques easier.
  • Provide step by step guides to all the judo throws.
  • Motivate children to get fitter and stronger.
  • Supply visuals to help judo coaches teach.
  • Help children understand grading requirements.
  • Promote the benefits of doing judo.

Here are a few more reasons why I do this.

Judo Books by Nik Fairbrother

How it’s achieved

Judo Books

With a range of Judo Books.
(Now available on Amazon for individual purchases or get the Club Rate Price List)

Judo EBooks

Through Judo ebooks
(Now available on Amazon)

Online Resources

With downloadable resources
See Fun for Kids.
See Coach Resources.


With animations.
See the Ultimate Guide to All the Judo Throws

Dojo Banners

With Dojo Banners
(For clubs to use)

Background in Judo

I started judo at the Pinewood Judo Club in Wokingham, Berkshire. I was 8 years old and I remember my judo coach, Don Werner Sensei on that first day. He was bigger than life itself. With a booming voice Don shouted REI! The class bowed, and my judo journey began.

Read more about Don Werner

Little did I know then, the amazing, incredible path I had begun to walk and that some years later it would lead me to traveling the world and competing at two Olympic Games.

Winning an Olympic Silver

I won the Olympic silver medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. I lost the final to Miriam Blasco of Spain. A bitter sweet moment, because as much I had wanted the gold medal, and I had to deal with the frustration of losing, I was elated at winning an Olympic medal and living the Olympic experience. Memories that I treasure to this day.

A Life Long Dream

It had been my dream, since reading Kashiwazaki’s Fighting Judo, at about 14 years old of mind, to become a judo world champion. That was the goal, above everything else. And a year after the Barcelona Olympic Games I achieved it. I won the judo world title in Hamilton Canada throwing Chiyori Tateno of Japan in a tense final. Here’s a video of the world final!

Nik Fairbrother Olympic Silver
Nik Fairbrother Olympic Silver

Nik Fairbrother Honours

1990 – European Championships (Frankfurt) Bronze
1991 – World Championships (Barcelona) Bronze
1992 – European Championships (Paris) Gold
1992 – Olympic Games (Barcelona) Silver
1993 – World Championships (Hamilton) Gold
1994 – European Championships (Athens) Gold
1995 – European Championships (Birmingham) Gold
1996 – Olympic Games (Atlanta) 5th
1986 – Pinewood Elite Badge holder
1994 – MBE from The Queen for Services to Judo
2000 – Awarded 7th Dan by the British Judo Association

Publishing the Koka Kids Judo Magazine

In 2001, after finishing my International judo career, wanting to give something back to judo, I launched the first kids judo magazine in the world and called it Koka Kids.

In those days ‘koka’ was a score, the smallest score on the board which was appropriate as this magazine was going to the youngest kids on the mat.

It took off and soon Koka Kids was in dojos across Great Britain, Sweden, USA and even some more far out places like South Africa and India.

In 2017, I sold the magazine to Fighting Films who now are taking it to the next level – but you can see a few of the past issues here and the front covers here.

What does a lifetime in judo teach you?

But the medals only tell half the story.

More important still are the lessons I have learnt from judo that I use today, applying what I’ve learn to everything I do.

  1. Aim for better than your best
  2. Accept your wins gratefully and your losses gracefully.
  3. You never get back a missed uchi-komi.
  4. Believe in yourself.
  5. There are no short cuts to get to the top. So don’t waste time looking for them.

Want to see how I can help you?

Whatever your judo goals are, get in touch and let’s see if we can work together on your next project. Contact me today!

Working with National Governing Bodies

Here is some of the work and projects I’ve designed and been involved with helping National Governing Bodies grow and retain membership:

  1. Irish Judo Association Shamrock and Mon Grade Syllabus
  2. British Judo Diaries
  3. JudoScotland Kai Club
  4. BJA Mon Posters

Working with Judo Coaches

Here is some of the work I’ve done to help judo coaches and clubs attract new members and reinforce technique teaching.

  1. Personalised Dojo Banners
  2. T-shirt Designs
  3. Coaching Aids and Lesson Plans
  4. Koka Kids Judo Magazine
  5. Judo Syllabus Books
  6. Judo Books
Irish Judo Syllabus by Koka Kids

A 100 page book designed for the Irish Judo Association, with clear step-by-step tutorials for all the techniques in the Shamrock and Mon Grading Syllabus.

A poster plus 12 collectable stickers for JudoScotland’s Kai Club Scheme, an initiative to encourage under 8s to improve fundamental skills and key movements.

Two Judo Diaries designed for British Judo, with the Mon Grade Syllabus fully illustrated plus information on training, diet and competition.

A Training Diary for Kyu Grades, containing technique guides, and illustrations on stretching and training.

A set of 7 posters for the British Judo Association to cover the requirements for each of the judo belts from red through to brown belt. These posters can be downloaded free of charge from British Judo Grading Resources page.

The Koka Kids Judo Magazine. The first junior judo magazine of its type. I published the first edition in 2001, and we are still going strongly today. Now this magazine is managed by Fighting Films and you can subscribe here.

Judo Class Banner

A range of Dojo Banners like the above, including promotional and technical options. Used by clubs throughout Great Britain to promote classes and make an impact.

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