Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Teaching Judo with visuals speeds learning

Judo Coaches from UK, USA, Slovenia and more sign up for the Koka Kids Teaching Judo materials

Teaching Judo has been made a little easier with the launch of Koka Kids Coaching Resources by judo world champion, Nik Fairbrother.

This week saw a huge sign-up from judo coaches all over the world, who have signed up to receive a weekly Judo Coaching Resources to teach and promote Judo

Teaching Judo Technique: Ouchi Gari

Week 2: Ouchi Gari

Last week, coaches received this Kesa-Gatame teaching pack and this week the technique is Ouchi-Gari.

Teaching materials include a technique card, with each step of the judo throws illustrated and a certificate.

Here’s why visuals help teach judo and speed up the learning process for children who can study the judo throw in their own time, after class.

Every week, a new technique!

Teaching Judo Poster

Free Template for a Poster

This week’s resource is designed to help judo clubs rebuild numbers and increase membership.

Many judo coaches have been in touch, letting us know that their membership is still down, so we hope this poster will help clubs market their judo classes.

Last week, we sent out the Benefits of Judo flyer, which is still available here.

Judo is a great sport for kids; keeping them fit and active, teaching kids how to work in a team, have respect, and become mentally stronger.

Print and Use at your Dojo

The resources can be printed by the judo coach and used at the dojo. However, if you’d like to make life easier still (and why not!), we can print them up for you. Here are some of Judo flags and banners you can use at your dojo – here are the 2022 designs for judo roller banners

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