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Judo Uchi-Komi Challenge and Certificates

Can you complete the Uchi-Komi Challenge?

Judo Uchi-Komi is the repetition of any technique – and if done well will improve footwork, style and speed.

This Kids Judo challenge comes complete with free certificates to download as you pass each level.

Use Judo Uchi-Komi Bands

Use uchi-komi bands to complete this challenge from your home or garden. Or if you prefer, complete the challenge solo – Tandoku Renshu style.

This challenge is based on the original idea by coach Rowann Ford of Redruth Judo Club in Cornwall

We challenge you!

We challenge you to complete all 5 levels of this Judo Uchi-Komi Challenge:

  1. 100 Uchi-Komi
  2. 250 Uchi-Komi
  3. 500 Uchi-Komi
  4. 1000 Uchi-Komi (expert level!)
  5. 2500 Uchi-Komi (world class level!)

Level up. Get a Certificate.

Complete a level and get your Uchi-Komi certificate. There are five certificates to earn – starting with 100 Uchi-Komi and going all the way up to a massive 2500 Uchi-Komi.

Can you complete all the levels? You may take as long as you need to complete each level, but you must finish one level before beginning the next.

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

100 Uchi-Komi

judo uchi komi

An easy one to get your started. Do 100 repetitions of any judo throw you like, but waza that work well are Morote-Seoi-Nage, Sode Tsurikomi Ashi, Tai-Otoshi, Ouchi-Gari and Kouchi-Gari. Make sure you do an equal amount to the right (migi) and to the left (hidari.) You must complete this level before going onto to the next level.

Do you have a question about a judo technique? Ask us or check out these answers.

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

250 Uchi-Komi

250 judo uchi komi challenge by koka kids

Start counting again from zero. To earn this next certificate complete 250 Judo Uchi-Komi. Again make sure you turn in both to the right and to the left. Focus on your footwork during this level.

Keeping your judo belt tied up during this challenge will speed things up – if it keeps coming undone, learn how to tie it up and quickly.

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

500 Uchi-Komi

500 judo uchi-komi

Again start off from zero. Can you do 500 Uchi-Komi and claim this certificate? Use a variety of different judo throws like Morote-Seoi-Nage, Tai-Otoshi, De-Ashi-Barai, Hiza-Guruma and Ippon Seoi-Nage. Focus on pulling the bands away from your body.

Improve your technical skills, read this article: How do do a judo throw

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

1000 Uchi-Komi

expert judo uchikomi certificate

Now, we are getting into the serious numbers! Can you do one thousand uchi-komi starting from zero? You don’t need to do them all in one go. When you stop mark down the number you were at and continue next time you pick up your bands. Focus on improving your technique. Try some different moves: Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi, Osoto-Gari or even Uchi-Mata.

If you need a break – do a few ukemi inbetween the uchi-komi.

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

2500 Judo Uchi-Komi

So, now onto the big one, we are looking for a massive 2500 Uchi-Komi from you. Yes, we repeat: two thousand five hundred. Whoaaaa! This is world class level but we believe in you. Are you up to the challenge? Focus on speed (while maintaining good posture and technique.)

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

What you will need to do this challenge

  1. Judo Uchi-Komi Bands / or resistance bands / or an inner-tube / or a thera-band. Ideally, you need to use a band made of a material that is elastic. But failing all this, if you don’t have any of that, you could use your judo belt – or you could even do Shadow Uchi-Komi.
  2. Something solid and fixed to wrap your band around. Think: a thin tree, pole, fence, a fixed door handle that’s not going to open.

How use Judo Uchi-Komi bands

If you are unsure of how to use uchi-komi bands we suggest you watch this Uchi-Komi Bands video by Olympian Chloe Cowen  with great tips on improving technique, hand and foot work.

Or this video by Core Judo Coach, Jon Purssey, with some movement patterns for advanced judoka looking to work on building arm power and direction.

Remember, these points:

  1. Every time you turn in check your position.
  2. Turn in and out fully.
  3. Keep the bands under tension.
  4. Pull the bands away from your body, don’t wrap them around your arms or body.
  5. Make each uchi-komi better than the last one!
  6. Do not try to “throw.”

Rules of the Challenge

  1. You can take as long as you want to do each level – but you must complete the previous level before going onto the next.
  2. Be honest. We trust you to count honestly.
  3. Make sure you get your parent’s permission before you begin.
  4. Let your judo coach know you are training at home.

Hajime! And good luck.

Remember everything starts with a single uchi-komi! Take that first step and then keep going.

We would love to hear from you. When you achieve the different levels do let us know.

Can you make the Expert Leader board? We will add all judoka who achieve 1000 uchi-komi or more into the Koka Kids Leaderboard.

Download the uchi-komi certificates here.

Koka Kids Judo Uchi-Komi Leaderboard

Clock up 1000 uchikomi or more and send in your photo and we will add you onto the Koka Kids Judo Uchi-Komi Leaderboard!

2500 World Class Certificate

Ellis And Cali from Irfon Judo Club in Wales, are the first judoka to have achieved 2500 – yes that’s two thousand and five hundred uchikomi! What now? Let us know if you do more!

2500 Uchikomi Certificate for Elwyn

Huge congratulations to Elwyn! The St Alban’s judoka has completed 2500 Uchi-komi and has earnt the World Class Koka Kids certificate! ?

That’s an amazing 4350 Uchikomi in total during the Koka Kids Uchikomi challenge!

Don’t stop now Elwyn! Keep those uchikomi going. ?

1000 Expert Certificate

First onto the Koka Kids leaderboard for the Uchi-Komi challenge are Cali and Ellis from Irfon Judo Club who have clocked in a remarkable 1000 Uchi-Komi!

Cali and Ellis have been helping their mum, former European champion and junior world champion, Georgina Bevan demonstrate how to do judo at home with some fantastic online classes. See the classes here.

Cali says “I’ve really enjoyed doing the Uchi-Komi with mummy at home” Ellis says: “ I’m missing Irfon club nights but like doing Uchi-Komi at home. We’re chasing the 2500 certificate!”

Congratulations to Elwyn of St Albans Judo Club, coached by Jad Harris who is the first judoka of St Albans to achieve the 1000 Uchikomi certificate! Keep going Elwyn – can you get your 2500 certificate next?

A big well done to St Alban’s Kristian who has achieved the 1000 Uchikomi certificate. Next step – the 2500 certificate! How long until you achieve it? good luck!