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De-Ashi-Barai – See how to do this judo throw


De-Ashi-Barai is an ashi-waza (foot technique) that needs perfect timing. Get uke to step forwards. Wait for the right moment…then sweep uke’s foot just before it touches the mat.

Judo throw de ash barai

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How to throw with De-Ashi-Barai

1. Break Balance. Make uke step forwards with one foot by pulling sharply on the sleeve

2. Use the sole of your foot to sweep uke’s foot out smoothly. Attack just before uke places his foot on the tatami.

3. Continue the movement, pull upwards with your arms, and control uke’s fall.

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De-Ashi-Barai Combinations and Counters

What is ashi-waza?

Ashi-waza is the Japanese name given to judo throws done using your leg or foot, like for example De-Ashi-Barai, Okuri-Ashi-Barai, Kouchi-Gari or Ouchi-Gari.

What is a judo combination?

A judo combination is when you link one or more judo techniques together.

Ashi-waza are very useful for combination judo. Use your feet to destabilise, move, break balance and set your partner up for a second attack.

How? Well, for example you can use De-Ashi-Barai to change uke’s stance. Attack uke’s forward leg and make them take a step backwards. If they don’t step backwards then throw them! But most likely they will react. Uke will try to avoid being thrown by stepping off your attack and as they step backwards, they change their posture and the angle of their body position.

This is just what you want!

Be ready and waiting, and follow up quickly with your second attack.

What combinations work well with Deashi-Barai?

De-Ashi-Barai into Tomoe-Nage.

Force uke to retreat with the first attack.

As uke moves backwards, this creates a gap for you to swing under for tomoe-nage.

Do not place your foot on the mat between the first and second attack instead continue directly into the second attack.

De-Ashi-Barai into Osoto-Gari.

In this combination you are going to attack the same leg with both techniques.

First get uke to step backwards, now follow this movement into Osoto-Gari. See the video.

De-Ashi into Uchi-Mata

We feature this combination in the Advanced Judo bundle.

As uke avoids your first throw, they lift their leg up. This is ideal! Now you can attack with uchi-mata.

How to counter De-Ashi-Barai?

Learn how to counter all throws.

The best way to counter this foot-sweep is to anticipate it. Be ready for it, so you can keep your balance on the other foot, and use the foot under attack to attack with yourself.

Three counters to try!

De-Ashi-Barai countered by Ko-uchi-Gari.

As your partner attacks you with the footsweep, counter by attacking their opposite leg with ko-uchi-gari.

Aim to attack just as uke lifts their leg to attack, and is stood vulnerably on one leg.

De-Ashi-Barai countered by Tsubame-Gaeshi.

Be ready for the attack. As uke sweeps, lift your leg clear of the attack, bending at the knee. Now counter with your own footsweep.

De-Ashi-Barai countered by Uchi-Mata.

Allow uke to attack your forward leg, as they do use the forward movement, to turn in quickly and throw forwards with uchi-mata.

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You can find more on this judo throw in the Koka Kids Judo books. De-Ashi-Barai features in 40 Judo Throws and also in 10 Judo Throws with 20 Drills.

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