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Okuri-ashi-barai – how to do this judo throw

Okuri-Ashi-Barai is a spectacular footsweep. When you get the timing right, the throw will feel effortless. Remember to sweep both legs.


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How to throw with Okuri-Ashi-Barai

  1. Make uke move to the side.
  2. Just as uke’s legs come together sweep them out from underneath uke. Use the sole of your foot. Keep the movement fluid and smooth.
  3. Don’t forget to use your hands! Lift uke’s body upwards.

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Advanced Okuri-Ashi-Barai

Video Masterclass

To learn this technique from a master take a look at this lesson by Olympic Champion, Jeon Ki Young. Learn how to set up for the footsweep by faking a forward attack first. This fake attack creates the necessary movement to follow up with the ashi-waza.

Sweep both feet!

This throw, at first glance, looks similar to De-Ashi-Barai. Both are ashi-waza (footsweeps), but in De-Ashi-Barai you sweep one foot, and in Okuri-ashi-barai you sweep both feet.

How to counter

Use Tsubame Gaeshi to counter sweep an Okuri-Ashi-Barai. First you must read your partner’s attack. Anticipate the movement. As they go to sweep, lift your foot clear by bending at the knee. Now continue the movement and counter-attack.

Tsubame Gaeshi

Tsubame Gaeshi is not a technique in the official 40 throws of the Gokyo, but it is in the Shimmeisho no waza. Watch this video to find out how to counter with Tsubame Gaeshi.

Combine with Osoto-Gari

All ashi-waza are great for setting your opponent up for a follow up technique because they create a big reaction from your partner and this movement is what you are after. Use Okuri-ashi-barai to set up for Osoto-Gari.

Dojo Drill

A great way to improve your ashi-waza skill is to practise with your eyes shut or blindfolded. Stop looking for the right moment attack, and instead learn to feel the right moment to attack. This is a great drill to develop timing and intuition.

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