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O-soto-gari – See how to do this judo throw


O-soto-gari is a spectacular throw, that when done well, scores huge ippons. See all the judo throws of the Gokyo.

How to throw with O-soto-gari

  1. Step wide with your support leg, to pull uke’s weight onto the side you are going to attack.
  2. Swing your attack leg past uke’s legs, then bring your leg back fast to reap out uke’s leg from under him.
  3. Control the head and pull down on the sleeve, to power the throw backwards.

O-soto-gari Tutorial

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Judo Throws and Holds

Ippon by Shohei Ono

Watch an expert at work. Here Japan’s Shohei Ono attacks from a defensive position to score a spectacular ippon with this throw. Note how Ono has complete control over his opponent’s head, using an advanced double-eri (lapel) grip to throw.


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