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Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi – See this judo throw


Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi needs movement and lots of it! Don’t keep looking at uke (however much you like them) instead turn your head and look at where you want to throw them!

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How to Throw with Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi

  1. Create movement by quickly stepping to the side and pulling uke into the space you leave behind.
  2. Use the sole of your foot to block uke’s forward step.
  3. Turn your head and look towards where you want to throw.

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Ashi-waza with Yandzi

Darcel Yandzi Video

Watch Darcel Yandzi’s dynamic version of this throw. Yandzi, one of the world’s leading coaches and former European champion, wrong foots his opponent with a brilliant hip twitch, before the attack.

Combinations into Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi

Use this ashi-waza to create massive movement. By breaking your opponent’s balance and getting the momentum started, it is easy to score with a second technique.

Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi into O-Guruma. Get uke moving in a huge arc, by attacking wide, aiming to create movement. Now follow the movement spinning in for an entry to O-Guruma.

Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi into Hane-Goshi. This type of movement can be followed up by a whole range of techniques that use this type of spin-entry, like O-Guruma, Hane-Goshi, Ashi-Guruma, Harai-Goshi.

Osoto-Gari into Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi. Attack hard with the Osoto-Gari, aiming for uke to block your attack. Step wide and follow up with the ashi-waza in the opposite direction, using uke’s over-defensive position to your advantage.

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