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How to tie your judo belt

tie judo belt

How fast can you tie your judo belt?

Or if you want to speak some Japanese – how fast can you tie your obi? Obi means belt in Japanese, and you tie it around your judogi (judo suit)

If you have just started judo, then practice tying the perfect judo knot. If you can already do your own belt up, then work at getting really fast at tying your belt.

This is a great judo exercise to try at home.

Belt Up!

When you have mastered this skill download your certificate: Belt Up Certificate

tying judo belt

Take the Obi Speed Test!

Over 1 minute: That is way too long! Come on we know you can go faster. Have another go!

Under 30 seconds: You are getting much better now, but we think you can do even better.

Under 15 seconds: Wow! This is getting impressive now. Do you think you get faster?

Under 10 seconds: Nice work! You can now tie your belt like an expert judoka

Under 5 seconds: Whooooooaaaaa – you are so fast it’s all a blur. So now, you are that good try again with your eyes closed!

If that’s too easy…

Want to stretch yourself and your obi tying belt skills further? Well, try these five challenges. Record how long it takes you to tie your belt and send us a video of you in action!

  1. Tie your belt while hopping on your left leg in a 360 degree circle
  2. Tie your belt with both eyes closed, while singing your favourite song
  3. Tie your belt with only one hand (you may use your feet, armpit)

Let’s go back to basics!

Your judo belt is called an obi in Japanese. Here are the steps to follow to learn to tie your judo belt properly.

1. Find the centre of your judo belt

Find the centre point of your judo belt and place it over your jacket like this!

2. Cross the belt behind you

Bring both ends of the belt behind you, crossing them over in your hands behind your back and bringing the ends back to your front again.

3. Over and Under

Place one end of the belt over, then under both parts of the belt.

4. Tie the knot!

Bring the belt out from under and tie a knot. Pull both ends of your belt outwards to tighten the knot and make it sit neatly.

5. Finished judo knot

If you’ve done it correctly then it should like this! If it hasn’t worked out properly, don’t worry – just start again. After a few attempts, you will be able to do it up with your eyes closed!


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