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Kouchi-Gari – see how to do this judo throw


To throw with Ko-Uchi-Gari clip the inner heel and drive backwards. Your hands are as important as your feet, use your hands to direct uke into the back corner.

How to throw with Ko-Uchi-Gari

  1. Pull uke towards you. Make them take a step forward and place their weight onto their foot.
  2. Use the sole of your foot. Scoop uke’s foot, attacking the inside leg, just above ankle height. Pull uke’s foot towards you.
  3. Drive backwards. Push upwards, under uke’s chin using the grip you have on the lapel.

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Neil Adams on Ashi-waza

World Champion and double Olympic Silver medallist, Neil Adams specialises in ashi-waza of all types. To study this throw listen to this short master-class, with Neil explaining how to grip and how to move into the attack.

Ko-Uchi-Gari Combinations

3 combinations

  1. Kouchi-Gari into Ouchi-Gari: Open uke up with the first attack. Make sure it is strong enough to get uke stumbling backwards. Now follow up in the Ouchi.
  2. Kouchi-Gari into Morote-Seoi-Nage. Create space with your set up attack and use this space to turn in for the Seoi-Nage.
  3. Kouchi-Gari into Kosoto-Gari. Attack hard and get uke to move off your first technique. Now go for the second attack, attacking the leg where all the weight is.

Ko-Uchi-Gari Counters

3 counters

  1. Kouchi-Gari countered by De-Ashi-Barai: As uke attacks you, step off the throw and counter attack with a footsweep.
  2. Kouchi-Gari countered by Osoto-Gari: If uke over extends, then make sure you take advantage attacking their over extended leg.
  3. Kouchi-Gari countered by Kosoto-Gake: Turn your hips square on, and attack with kosoto gake.
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