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Hiza-guruma – See how to do this judo throw


Hiza-guruma is an ashi-waza. In Japanese hiza means knee and guru means wheel and translates as to ‘wheel over your knee.’

More suitable to intermediate judoka, this technique needs patience and practise to master. Aim to attack when uke moves in a semi-circle to the left or right.

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How to throw with Hiza-Guruma

  1. Break uke’s balance, pulling sharply on the sleeve, as you move sideways. Aim to get uke to take a step forwards, in a semi-circle.
  2. Block uke’s pathway of movement, using the sole of your foot to block uke’s knee just below the kneecap.
  3. Keep the momentum going, pulling uke over his blocked knee, in a smooth, circular movement.

World Class – Video

Want to see how to use this throw at world-class level? Watch this Fighting Films video to see how Krazniqui (Kosovo) uses a superb change of direction to perform a text-book perfect version of this throw. Analysis by world champion and double olympic silver medallist: Neil Adams.


When you are looking to combine this throw with others, consider the circular movement. Either use renraku-waza, to continue the circular movement, or renzoku-waza to attack in the opposite direction.

3 classic combinations:

  1. Hiza-Guruma into Harai-Goshi. This combination is a continuation of the the circular movement. Use your first attack to break uke’s balance so they begin to fall into the circular movement. Now spin in for a Harai-Goshi.
  2. Hiza-Guruma into Osoto-Gari. An all time classic. Use this switch of direction. You are looking for uke to block your first attack. Allow their weight to return to their other leg, and use this imbalance to chase with a Osoto-Gari.
  3. Osoto-Gari not Hiza-Guruma. Like most combinations, this duo also works in reverse. This time use the Osoto-Gari to get the reaction. As uke blocks the Osoto, use the reaction to switch back to the ashi-waza.


Countering a judo throw is all about reading the attack and staying on balance. As your opponent attacks be ready to take action, but don’t give the game away by moving too soon.

3 possible counters:

  1. Hiza-Guruma countered by Ouchi-Gari. As your opponent attacks, be ready with the Ouchi-Gari. Attack their support leg, which has all their weight. Remove this and they will topple!
  2. Hiza-Guruma countered by Kosoto-Gari. This counter requires you to be on balance, and absorb your opponent’s attack without losing stability. Attack the outside of your opponent’s support leg with a kosoto-gari. Hop them backwards to throw.
  3. Hiza-Guruma countered by Kosoto-Gake. A similar movement to the previous counter but much more dynamic. Read the attack, and stand strong. Hook your opponent’s outside leg and throw backwards.

Hiza-Guruma Tutorial

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