Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Coaching Resources, Flyers, Posters and Certificates

Judo Coaching Resources for coaches to use


Judo Coaching Resources are sent out by email every week to all those who subscribe.

There are two options: a free and paid subscription plan.

Click on the button below to choose which plan you wish to opt for.

What is the difference between the
Free and Paid Options?


Judo Marketing Resources to help you promote your club.

With the free option you will receive resources to help you promote your judo class and engage your judoka. This option does not include any technique resources.


Judo Coaching Resources to support technique teaching

With the paid-option you will receive (every week) a technique teaching card and certificate. Techniques will include judo throws, combinations and counters, turnovers and hold downs.

Plus you will also get all the free marketing resources too!

A ready-made lesson plan, in your inbox, every week!

Take a look at what you will get

  • Get posters and flyers to promote your dojo.
Visual Materials by Koka Kids for Judo Teaching

  • And Technique Teaching Cards and Certificates to support your lessons.

Every week a new technique to teach!

Each week we send new judo coaching resources straight into your email inbox on Monday morning ready to print out for your week’s judo classes.

Our archive is growing by the week, and we hope to make it one of the best judo library in the world over time.

Click here to see some of the previous technique teaching materials!

Why do visuals speed learning?

  • 2 out of 3 children in your dojo are likely to be visual learners. 
  • we process visual info 60,000 times faster than audio or written.
  • retention improves; weeks later, when words have been forgotten, images remain in our brain.

You can be using the resources immediately. Download. Add your own club logo or details. And then print and use at your dojo.

Download 👉 Print 👉 Dojo

  • Save time with ready-made lesson plans. 
  • Signpost progress and reward outstanding effort and behaviour.
  • Engage your judoka in the technique of the week.
  • Promote judo and your classes.

Print out these Judo Benefits Flyers, and let parents and future members know what a fantastic sport judo is for children.

Judo Coaching Resources Kesa Gatame

Download these Kesa-Gatame teaching materials, that include a teaching card and certificate to give to your juniors when they can do this hold down. Encourage and motivate!

Boost numbers run a Judo Bring a Friend evening. Space has been left down the right of the flyer for you to add your club info and details.

Every Monday, a new resource to use.