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Judo Hold Downs Book

Judo Holds Downs – See the Contents

Want to see what is inside the judo book: “10 Judo Hold Downs” by Koka Kids? Here is a quick flick through, so you can get an idea of content and what to expect.

This book is aimed at children beginning judo, aged 5 to 8.

There are illustrations to show ten osaekomi (judo hold downs) making it easy for children to learn the techniques

Judo Hold Downs Book

Groundwork Tips – From a world champion

This Judo Hold Downs Book also covers the basics children need to know as they learn groundwork.

Like, how you can win on the ground, what the Japanese words mean, and how to escape from a hold.

The book is authored by a judo world champion, and the 1992 Olympic silver medallist Nik Fairbrother who brings her experience to the pages.

Newaza Challenges – to improve agility

The final part of this Judo Hold Downs Book is packed with ten fun challenges, to help the reader put what they’ve learnt into practice.

During these skill tests, children can learn how to switch from one hold down to another, how to combine a throw with a hold and how to free a leg.

This book is perfect for children who are beginning judo, and those intermediate judoka looking to improve their groundwork skills.

A word from Nik

Coaches, there are also groundwork teaching resources to accompany this book, that you can sign up for by visiting the Koka Kids Judo Resource page.

Paid option: Each week, you will receive a new technique. These will include judo hold downs and turnovers, as well as judo throws and combinations.

There is also a free option. This option does not include technique resources, but does include resources to help you promote your dojo and engage your judoka.

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