Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Moves that Win Contests

Judo moves that are highly effective and that win contests – here are two gems:

The first, the Belt Flip is a basic groundwork judo move, used to score ippon in ne-waza.

The second, Uchimata is a more advanced technique, used to throw for ippon in tachi-waza.

Judo Techniques that Win

Judo Moves 1: The Belt Flip

Judo moves like this one work well when uke defends by laying flat on their stomach.

First, grab the collar and the belt, and pull your partner up, trapping their head between your knee and elbow.

Now, stick your leg out by uke’s side and pull your partner over your straightened leg.

Follow the movement, rolling over quickly, and into a hold down like Tate-Shiho-Gatame.

Judo Throws that score ippon

Judo Move 2: Uchi-Mata

Uchi-mata , like most judo moves, is all about balance and timing.

First, break your partner’s balance by pulling them forward, onto their tip toes.

Take a step forwards, and position your support foot.

When you turn in, aim to make contact with your hip against uke’s inner thigh.

Now, keep balance as you swing your leg through.

Pull outwards on uke’s sleeve to direct and rotate uke onto their back for ippon.

Learn More with Koka Kids Judo Books

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A note from Nik to judo coaches

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