Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Coaching Resources to Teach Judo

Every week, a new coaching resource.

Koka Kids is providing judo coaches with free weekly printable judo coaching resources to help clubs and dojos market their judo classes.

Resources include templates for flyers, posters and certificates that are ready-to-print.

Coaches, once signed up, will receive a new resource each week directly to their inbox.

Subscribe to get access to the Koka Kids free judo coaching aids. There is also a paid-option with technical judo coaching resources.

  • Get posters and flyers to promote your dojo.
  • Get techniqucards and certificates to teach judo.

Coaching Resources Judo Benefits Flyers
judo coaching resources

Promote with these judo coaching materials

These templates can be used in many ways by the judo coach.

Get new members using flyers like this: Benefits of Judo

Encourage better attendances using certificates: 100% Attendance Record

Ready-made lesson plan

Print the resources and use immediately at your judo club.

Add your club logo and branding, print and use. You can download the templates to your computer or mobile.

Technique teaching cards – give them out!

Save time, with ready-made lesson plans

Engage your judoka in the Technique of the Week.

A new technique, every week. Techniques include judo throws, combinations, hold downs and turnovers, like this example of Teaching Judo: Visuals for Ouchi-Gari.

Visuals that reinforce your classes, and help your judoka learn faster. A ready-made lesson plan, in your inbox, every week!

Judo Holds Certificate
Reward achievement
Let them know you do judo!

Sign up – so you don’t miss out.

Sign up here. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Each time a new resource is released we will send it directly to your inbox.

With the free option you will receive mainly resources to help you promote your judo class and engage your judoka. This option does not include any technique resources.

With the paid-option, every week, you will receive a technique teaching card and certificate (plus all the free stuff, of course.)

Find out more at Koka Kids Coaching Resources or for weekly reminders follow @kokakidsjudobooks on Instagram.