Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Turnover for Advanced Judoka

This judo turnover is a great one for advanced judoka to learn, easy to get into, and very effective.

How to the Lapel Roll

Straddle uke, and quickly take hold of both lapels. Pull uke upwards, sharply. This creates the space you need to swing underneath.

This is when this judo turnover becomes more advanced, as it requires a bit of practice to get the next part right.

As you swing your leg under uke’s stomach, and pull them sideways, let go of one of the collars and thread your arm under uke’s neck.

Uke will want to keep rolling, to escape, so be fast in securing a hold down like Tate-Shiho-Gatame.

Master 20 Judo Turnovers

Judo Groundwork Book

For more judo turnover advanced and basic, get the Koka Kids Judo Book “Learn Judo Groundwork”, with twenty groundwork techniques including the arm-roll, pull-through, belt-flip, scissors and many more.

The book is authored by world champion, olympic silver medallist, Nik Fairbrother, 7th Dan and many of the techniques come from Nik’s training at the Pinewood Judo Club, under Sensei Don Werner.

Don Werner was renowned for developing newaza judo in Great Britain, coaching 4 world champions, and 296 British Champions.

Judo Don Werner

Developing Groundwork Skills

Just like tachi-waza judo to develop skills, we need to repeat movement. Although, many forget it’s just as essential to do newaza uchikomi as it is tachi-waza uchikomi.

When building up a groundwork Uchi-komi first nail the basic movement. Then, you can provide different situations to test the skills.

For example, uke can begin to block the movement, but only to about 50%, allowing tori to work through with resistance.

Or practice the “hook” which the start of the technique. Allow uke to attack with a failed judo throw, and work on speed. For example with this lapel roll: Get uke to attack with morote-seoinage. Block it and see how fast you can get your hands onto the collars?