Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Teaching Tools for Judo Coaches

Teaching Tools from Koka Kids are helping judo coaches plan their classes

This week, Koka Kids, has released more teaching tools for judo coaches to use.

Coaches can download and print the resources to use in their clubs.

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Free Download: Best Beginner

Award to your Best Beginners and keep their passion for judo burning strongly!

Paid Resource: Each week, get teaching tools sent to you.

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Plan the term lessons with these weekly resources.

Every month you will receive teaching tools for 4 technique.

These include a judo hold down like this example of Kesa-Gatame; judo throw like this example of Ouchi-Gari; a groundwork turnover like this week’s Pull Through; and a combination like Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi.

Paid Resource: The Pull Through

You can use these visuals to teach this ground work turnover, which also features in the Koka Kids judo book: Learn Groundwork.

Lerne Judo: Die wichtigsten Techniken für Anfänger

Lerne Judo is the first Koka Kids Judo Book in the German language and it is available now on Amazon.

Lerne Judo Alleman
Lerne Judo: Die wichtigsten Techniken für Anfänger

Koka Kids now in German!

Our thanks to Sensei Jörg Bischoff of Sportschule Bischoff for his help translating Lerne Judo.

This judo book is perfect for judoka who are progressing through the ranks from beginner to intermediate judo.

Starting with ukemi and hold downs, the book then moves into learning some of the fundamental judo throws and how to use them in simple combinations.

There are also tips on randori, how to score ippon and learning the judo moral code.

A complete judo book for judoka not only wanting to learn but also advance their judo skills.