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Judo Flags and Banners for your Dojo

Judo Flags, Roll up Banners and Signs

Koka Kids prints judo banners every couple of months. Want us to let you know when we are doing the next print run? Sign up today – and we will email you before the next print run with prices, designs and more info.

Interested for your Dojo? Make sure you contact us and let us know

Designs to Choose From

New designs will be added. Scroll the gallery to see some of the current designs.


When I (Nik Fairbrother) first designed up these judo banners I wasn’t sure if dojos and coaches would use them – so I decided to ask judo coaches directly.

The answer was a resounding yes we want them!!!
And with that yes came great feedback about how to price them, print them and them accesible for small clubs to buy.

Who are the Judo Flags for?

These judo flags and roll up judo banners can be used by any club coach who is looking to make an impact at their dojo.
The banners are super-easy to assemble.
It took me (and I’m rubbish at stuff like this, as you can ask my dad!) less than three minutes to do it.
You can take these judo banners to your dojo, put them up before the session and take them down afterwards easily.

Judo Banners

Which judo banner is for you?

We have judo banners that show judo throws, judo holds, combinations, the moral code, dojo rules, judo benefits and one that help your promote your class.

Here are some more great ideas from the Australian Government on how to market your judo club and grow membership.

How to use judo banners at your dojo

  • Teach your kids the moral code.
  • Use as a visual display to teach your class
  • Allow the judoka to study judo technique in their own time
  • Promote your next judo class
  • Display Dojo Rules and Etiquette for your judoka to see
  • Teach the Newaza Hold Downs

Designs to choose from:

Judo Benefits Banner by Koka Kids
Dojo Rules Judo Banner by Koka Kids

Judo Flag showing the Moral Code
top ten throws by Koka Kids
Judo Flags showing Top Ten Throws

judo gokyo
The Gokyo Judo Banner

Judo advertising

We are looking at bringing out more designs for our judo flags each year. Please contact us and let me know what you need. Any ideas – I’d love to hear them.