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Judo Banners – Make an Impact at your Dojo

Judo Class Banner

Judo Banners will be back soon! In the meantime check out this post on how to grow your dojo and look at ways to make judo lessons both fun and memorable.

Every years we print these judo Banners. The 2020 print run has now gone, but don’t worry – we will be back with new designs in 2021. Take a look below and contact us with your feedback and ideas for new designs.

Advertise your judo class

If you are looking to advertise your judo class then we have you covered. Want to put the judo moral code, or dojo rules up for all to see. We’ve got banners for that too. And technique? Thought you’d never ask.

Make an Impact at Your Dojo

Look out for these banners, you’ll find them at judo clubs all over the UK who are using them to promote their judo classes and help reinforce techniques with these bright visual images.

Judo Banner Designs

Ideas on how to use the judo banners and the benefits for your judo club.

Judo advertising

Let people know you do judo! They banners make a real impact. Encourage children to join your next class. Bright and colourful, they will catch the attention of walk ins. These three “We Do Judo Here!!!” judo banners are some of the most popular we sell.

Judo advertising

Here is how to order your dojo banner.

Judo Classes for Beginners

Place a banner outside your dojo door like St Albans Judo Club do. Advertise your classes. Let people know they can join the next beginner’s class, and that all sizes and abilities are welcome to try judo.

St Albans Judo Club

Here is how to order your dojo banner.

Judo Sign – make it obvious!

The judo sigs are also available in dramatic black. Buy the complete set or individual banners – it is up to you! Use your judo signs around your club or at taster events.

Judo Class Banner

Judo Banner Printing for Techniques

Help your judoka remember the judo throws and holds. Put these judo banners up by the side of the tatami and refer to them as you teach. Your judoka will study them before and after the class.

If you are looking to teach technique you might also be interested in our downloadable digital technical resources: Top Ten Throws, Newaza Judo and Advanced Judo.

Dojo Banners: with holds, throws & combinations

The technical banners show hold downs, throws and combinations. Suitable for beginners through to detailed step by step illustrations of each stage of a throw for intermediate and advanced judoka.

Judo Roller Banners: 5 Gokyo set

Or give them entire Gokyo. That’s all 40 tachi-waza throws, each group of eight throws on its own individual banner. This is a set of 5 banners, an impressive display for any club.

Judo Technique Games

Why not let your judoka pick a technique from the banner and work on it. Use these banners to create a focal point. Great for judo games and recall of the Japanese terminology.

Judo Pull up Banners with the Judo Moral Code

Remind your judoka of the judo moral code. Get the message across! Have these banners up for everyone to see. The moral code banner is available in three colours. It lists all 8 points of Jigoro Kano’s moral code.

Here is how to order your dojo banner.

Judo Flag with the Dojo Rules

No excuse for bad behaviour! Put Dojo Rules up in your judo club like Ealing Judo Club in London. Watch behaviour improve. Encourage your students pay attention, wear a clean judogi and act like judoka on and off the tatami