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Neil Adams Uchi Mata – 4 Key Points

Neil Adams Uchimata

Neil Adams Uchi Mata – what to look out for

Neil Adams on Uchi Mata, and specifically the World and Olympic champion, points out four key areas to focus on, and what to specifically to look out for when you are learning or coaching this judo technique.

Head here to see an animated guide on uchi-mata.

Uchi-mata is also one of our Top Ten Throws.

Uchi Mata

Has this happened to you?

You have the collar grip.

You have the sleeve.

You have your opponent set up.

So, you attack with uchi mata.

Only for uke to shift their hips and block you out.

Or you get as far as hooking your leg in but there is no lift. There’s no chance in throwing them now. So you have no option but to spin out.

And ask the question: What went wrong?

uchi mata

Neil Adams on Uchi Mata


The feet are important for setting up the line of the attack and keeping the body central.

Uchimata by Neil Adams

Where is the support foot?

And is the support leg central?

The attacker needs to be able to adjust their feet according to uke’s stance.

Judo footwork


The next key area to check when you teach uchi mata are the hips.

When you coach this point check: are the hips connecting before the child lifts their leg?

At what point on uke’s body do the hips connect?

Hips should make contact with uke’s body below uke’s belt line – and before the leg is lifted.

Judo Hip


Judo Hands

Both hands need to begin the technique.

The sleeve hand controls and the lapel hand directs.

Because children will often have problems with the direction hand (lapel hand) getting left behind when they try to throw with uchi mata, when Neil is coaching he tells kids to leave their lapel grip over the back of uke’s shoulder.

What’s important is that both hands must work together to direct the throw up and forward.

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Neil Adams

It is the head that determines direction, with uchi mata just like with most judo throws.

Too far turned twists the body off balance and twist the throw out of shape.

Where is tori looking when they throw?

Is tori still looking at uke?

Tori must look at the point where they want uke to land.

Neil Adams
Neil Adams is demonstrating the throws using the Neil Adams Balance Mat which is available at his website effective

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