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What’s an ippon? How to win at judo

What's an ippon?

What’s an ippon?

What’s an ippon? How to win at judo? Two very good questions.

If you already know the answer jump these basics and read Tommy Nagy’s Top Ten tips on improving your throwing power or begin to learn more judo throws and judo technique.

But if you just want to find out more about judo basics read on.

score ippon by throwing

How to win at judo

An Ippon is the maximum score in judo.

When you score an ippon you have won the contest. Game over. Unlike many other sports, judo can be won in an instance.

How to score ippon in junior judo?

There are two ways you can score an ippon in junior judo.

The first way is to throw your opponent flat on their back.

There are many judo throws to learn in judo and you can score ippon with any of them. You can score a maximum win with a smaller technique like, kouchi-gari just the same as you could with a major waza like osoto-gari.

The perfect throw

To score ippon the throw must also have all three of these requirements:

  1. Height
  2. Force
  3. Speed

If the throw lacks one of those three requirements there will still be a score but it won’t be an outright win.

For example if your opponent lands on their back but they do so slowly, without any power – then a lower score will be given.

ippon by holding

How to win in groundwork?

You can also win in judo, by holding your opponent down.

You can use a variety of osaekomi (holds) like Kesa-Gatame, Yoko Shiho Gatame or Tate Shiho Gatame to do this.

You need to keep your partner pinned to the mat for 20 seconds for the maximum win.

What's an ippon?

What is the referee sign for ippon?

What is the signal for a maximum win in judo?

The the referee will raise their arm above their head (like the picture above) and shout “Ippon!

This will be followed by the word “Sore Made!” meaning in English that is the end. When you hear that you should return to your positions on the mat, wait for the referee to award the contest, bow to your opponent, shake hands and leave the mat.

Tommy Nagy's tips

Tommy Nagy’s Top Ten Tips

Don’t stop here …. continue reading Tommy Nagy’s top ten tips on how do I score an ippon.

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