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Welcome to the Koka Kids shop – with a growing list of judo gifts for young judoka.

Koka Kids have teamed up with Fighting Films to bring you the brand new Hajime Gi and the Uchi Banani T-shirt.

We think judoka around the world are going to love these quality products.

You can see more photos from the Hajime Gi photo shoot in the Koka Kids blog. Big thanks go to olympic silver medallist Gemma Gibbons, double world medallist Euan Burton and the judoka from the Japan Arts Centre for their help in launching the Hajime Gi.

The Hajime Gi

The Fighting Films Hajime Gi is the perfect kit for children starting judo.

Made from a specially woven cotton/polyester mix fabric the kits are both strong and light. They are beautifully finished, as you would expect from a Fighting Films kit.

Each suit has a different eye-catching woven badge on the shoulder showing one of the popular Koka Kids characters.

Available from Fighting Films now!
The Uchi Banani Judo T-shirt

Featuring one of the all time favourite characters Uchi Banani, the Koka Kids Uchi Banani T-shirt is sure to be a hit with all junior judoka.

In hot pink or cool blue, this Judo T-shirt perfect for all young monkeys out there!

Price: £9.99 (Plus P&P)

Order the Tshirt, now

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