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How do I score ippon and win at judo?


How do I score ippon?

how do I score ippon? If you don’t know what that is is then jump to our fun guide: What’s an ippon?  for the basics.

But if you are looking for tips on improving your throwing power you have come the right place.

Scroll down and let Tommy Nagy reveal ten points that will help you improve your judo.

How do I score ippon?

Read on to get ten tips to help you score more ippons!

Get Movement

Move your partner around by pulling and pushing to break up their balance. You can use set up techniques like ko-uchi-gari or o-uchi gari to get movement too.

Ippon Scoring Tips

To score ippon – Surprise your opponent

Don’t give the game away. Make your partner think you are going to attack in the opposite direction. When you attack surprise them.

How to throw an ippon

Break Balance

Get uke off balance before you try to throw. The trick is to find their weak direction, the point where they are off balance and throw towards that.

Break Balance for an ippon

Ippon Throws need Timing

Wait for the right moment to attack. The right throw and the wrong moment is the wrong throw! Get the timing right and you’re partner will sail over for ippon.

Timing an ippon

Get the Grip you need

Each judo technique has a certain grip. Check if you have the right grip on the judo jacket. For example to throw with Harai Goshi you need a high collar and sleeve grip.

Ippon Grips

Get your Footwork up to Ippon Scoring Level

Get your feet or foot if it is a one footed technique like Uchi Mata in the right place. Too far forward or too far back and you will lose balance and fall over.


Speed it the entry

Speed up your entry by practising lots of Uchi-Komi until you can turn in without thinking about it. Attack quickly and precisely.


To score ippon – use your head!

To throw for ippon you must use your head, and not only to think with. Rotate your head in the direction of the throw. Look to a point on the mat where you want your partner to land.


Commit to the throw

Many judoka ask how do I score ippon, and this is perhaps the most important point of all – when you go for it, do it 100%, commit to the throw.

Go For It 100% Ippon

Keep Control

Right until the finish, keep control. Don’t allow your opponent to twist out last second and avoid the ippon score.


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