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Dojo Art Gallery featuring your Judo Art

Dojo Art Gallery

Dojo Art Gallery

The Dojo Art Gallery is a fine place to hang your masterpieces! Create away, and send your drawings to us. We publish them all. Scroll to the end of this page to see all the artists and their work.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then try the Kids Judo Online Dojo for creative inspiration!

Dojo Art Gallery Gift
Would you like a free judo colouring book?

You would! We thought as much. That’s no problem at all, be our guest and download it here.

How to draw the Koka Kids is a free judo colouring book, with instructions on how to draw all the characters along with pages to colour in.

How to Get in the Dojo Art Gallery

Would you like to see your artwork featured the Koka Kids Dojo Art Gallery? Here’s how to go about it:

Click here to see the Dojo Art Gallery.

  1. Download our free colouring book here.
  2. Choose any page and create your masterpiece.
  3. Ask your parents to email a JPG of your artwork to
Dojo Art by a judoka

10 ideas to get started

You could:

  1. Follow step-by-step drawing guides and learn how to draw Uchi-Banani, Tommy Nagy, Blushido and all your favourite characters.
  2. Visit the Kids Judo Online Dojo and use it to spark your creative juices.
  3. Print out pages from the Free Judo Colouring Book and colour them in.
  4. Copy a judo throw from the Ultimate Guide to Every Single Judo Throw – which is your favourite judo technique?
  5. Draw one of the techniques from the judo books.
  6. Copy one of the ukemi pictures.
  7. Create your own challenge with certificates, based on the Uchikomi Challenge.
  8. Draw a poster to help other children understand how to tie a judo belt up in 4 stages.
  9. Draw the front cover to a judo magazine, like one of these.
  10. Make a birthday card using your favourite Koka Kids characters.

How to draw the Koka Kids

Dojo Art Gallery book by Koka Kids

Dojo Art Gallery 2020

April 2020

Hannah (8) Bishops Storford Judokwai 

?? Winning artwork??

We love Hannah’s drawing of Blushido, Uchi Banani and Tommy Nagy – the detail is impressive, with even the green and yellow tatami of her club Bishops Storford captured perfectly.

Dojo Art Gallery drawing

Keisha (11)

Keisha ❤️ Judo! Thank you Keith for this brilliant pencil sketch of a contest.

I love judo Dojo Art Gallery

Ame (8), Rainbow Judo Club

Thanks Ame! Ame has now sent in two fab drawings. Check them out below! we love them. Keep up your artwork Ame, you’re very talented! Good luck with your judo.

Tamilla (10), Redbridge Judo Club

Thanks Tamilla for this picture of Blushido refereeing Yoshi and Katie-Gatame. It is fantastic! Plus it even has Uchi Banani and Tommy Nagy supporting from the sidelines. Brilliant!

March 2020

Paisley (8), Goole Judo Club

Well done Paisley! Three fantastic drawings that bring a smile to our face. Thank you for sending them in, Paisley. You are the first judo artist in the Koka Kids Dojo Art Gallery!

Sophie (10), Kanokwai Judo

?? Winning artwork??

Together we will beat this! Too right Sophie. This drawing of Uchi Banani, Tommy Nagy and Yoshi underneath a beautiful rainbow and sun is brilliant – thank you for sending it in! ?

Winning Dojo Art Gallery picture

Millie (9), Kanokwai Judo

Millie’s picture of brings hope and happiness in these uncertain times. A brilliant sketch of Uchi Banani, too! Thank you Millie!

Patrick, (9), St Columbs Park Judo Club

Thank you Patrick! We love this sketch of Uchi Banani kneeling ready to bow and start a Adapative and Enjoyable Day!

Hannah (8), Bishops Stortford Judokwai

A lot of effort has gone into this drawing by Hannah of Thursday’s Throw Down! Thanks for sending it in, Hannah – we thinks it’s great!

How to draw the Koka Kids – this book is free to download.