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Dojo Art Gallery featuring your Judo Art

Dojo Art Gallery

Dojo Art Gallery

The Dojo Art Gallery is where you will find judo art masterpieces drawn by judoka from all over the world. You too, could have your judo art published on this page. Read on to find out how.

You might like to use pages from two of our colouring books.

How to Draw the Koka Kids Cartoon Characters and Judo Colouring books are available to buy on amazon and have plenty of pages to keep you entertained for hours.

Looking for challenges and games? Then go to the Kids Judo Online Dojo.

See the art – scroll through the gallery!

Judo Colouring Book
Judo Book to colour in

How to Get in the Dojo Art Gallery

Would you like to see your artwork featured the Koka Kids Dojo Art Gallery? If you would enter your best artwork into the judo colouring competition. You might even win a prize. Click the link below to find out how to enter:

Enter the monthly judo colouring prize contest

Dojo Art by a judoka

10 ideas to get started

You could:

  1. Follow step-by-step drawing guides and learn how to draw Uchi-Banani, Tommy Nagy, Blushido and all your favourite characters.
  2. Visit the Kids Judo Online Dojo and use it to spark your creative juices.
  3. Check out the range of judo colouring books on Amazon – see them now!
  4. Copy a judo throw from the Ultimate Guide to Every Single Judo Throw – which is your favourite judo technique?
  5. Draw one of the techniques from the judo books.
  6. Copy one of the ukemi pictures.
  7. Create your own challenge with certificates, based on the Uchikomi Challenge.
  8. Draw a poster to help other children understand how to tie a judo belt up in 4 stages.
  9. Draw the front cover to a judo magazine, like one of these.
  10. Make a birthday card using your favourite Koka Kids characters.

Colouring Books by Koka Kids

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