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Best Judo Techniques for Olympic Judo

Best judo techniques for scoring (if you are competing at Olympic Judo) are Uchi-Mata and Morote-Seoi-Nage.

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According the London 2012 judo statistics that you can find at the European Judo Union Website:

Uchi Mata was the top scoring technique for the London 2012 women’s judo event, and by quite a difference.


Morote Seoi Nage was the top scoring technique for the London 2012 men’s judo event, and by an even bigger difference.


Top Scoring Techniques at the London Olympic Games

Taking all scores into account

1. Uchimata (22)
=2. Kouchi Gari (13) & Harai Goshi (13)
=3. Ippon Seoi Nage (12) & Ouchi Gari (12)

1. Morote Seoi Nage (39)
2. UchiMata (15)
3. Harai Goshi (12)

Just counting the ippons

1. Uchimata (7)
2. Ouchi Gari (5)
3. Kouchi Gari (4)

1. Morote Seoinage (12)
2. Harai Goshi (7)
3. Tai Otoshi (5)