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Simply Download. Print. And Use at your Dojo.

The Kouchi-Gari pack consists of three high resolution files ready for you to print.

  • Technique Poster: the poster shows the technique and it’s name; put them up in your dojo – they are a great way to remind your judoka what you are teaching.
  • Key Stage Teaching Card: on the card there are four to six illustrations that show each stage of the throw. Why not print these out and give them to your judoka to take home with them?
  • Reward Certificate: the certificate is a great confidence booster and motivator for your judoka. Award them once you feel the judoka has learnt the throw.



This is one of our top ten throws. Why not grab them all by buying the Top Ten Throws bundle?

The ten throws in this teaching resource are: Ippon Seoi-Nage, Morote Seoi-nage, Kouchi-Gari, Ouchi-Gari, Uchi-Mata, Tai-Otoshi, Sumi-Gaeshi, Harai-Goshi and De-Ashi Barai. Buy each throw separately here.