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O-uchi-gari – See how to do this judo throw


O-uchi-gari is a technique that throws backwards, and is often used on its own or as a part of a judo combination. See more judo throws.

O-uchi-gari judo throw

How to throw with O-uchi-gari

  1. Place your leg in between uke’s legs and hook uke’s calf.
  2. Reap uke’s leg towards you. Drive backwards, using power from your support leg
  3. Control the direction of the technique, using your grip on uke’s collar to steer their head and upper body.

8 Drills

Watch this video with eight drills on how to practise this throw. The drills suitable for judoka of all ability levels can be done both solo and with a partner.

Kosei Inoue Video

Watch Neil Adams analyse the great Kosei Inoue’s unusual double lapel grip for ouchi-gari. This is an advanced kumi-kata and should only be learnt after you have mastered the tradition collar and sleeve version.

O-uchi-gari Tutorial

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