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Free Judo Colouring Book

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Free Judo Colouring Book for all our readers to download. Get your copy of How to Draw the Koka Kids now.

Win a prize with your art!

Enter our monthly Dojo Art prize competition and you could win a fantastic Hajime Judo suit and see your picture hanging in the Koka Kids Dojo Art Gallery.

Click to find out how to enter the Dojo Art Gallery prize contest here.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani

Download the free How to Draw the Koka Kids pdf book here and learn how to draw Uchi Banani, Tommy Nagy, Coach Zen, Katie Guruma and Blushido.

Face fun!

Have some fun with Uchi Banani by changing his expression!

  1. Make him cheeky.
  2. Put a smile on his face.
  3. Give him a frown.
  4. See how many different expressions to the cheeky monkey Uchi Banani.

Add some colour!

Add some colour to this picture of Uchi Banani who is pretty angry right now as he can’t go to judo!

  1. What colour palette are you going to choose?
  2. Can you colour in the background too?
  3. Why not add a speech bubble and make Uchi Banani say something?

Who is Uchi Banani?

Uchi Banani the cheeky monkey who got his name from one our readers on the basis of his love of Uchi Komi and Bananas!

Now Uchi Banani travels the world and you can read about his latest adventures in the Koka Kids magazine.

You can buy him as a soft toy in our shop.

Or follow Uchi Banani on Instagram!

Draw Uchi Banani from scratch

Want to learn how our artist draws Uchi Banani? It’s easy if you follow these eight steps!

1.See the step by step guide in How to Draw the Koka Kids.

2. Sketch the red lines using a pencil.

3. Then go over your pencil drawing with a black felt tip pen.

4. Finally add some colour and an expression to his face!

Download this sheet now!

How to get your Judo Colouring book

Just click here and we will send the book straight to your inbox.


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