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Rio 2016 Judo Olympics magazine

rio 2016 judo magazine

Update: Tokyo 2020 Judo Olympic and Paralympic activities for kids are now available. Check it out!

Find out what’s in the 2016 Rio Olympics Koka Kids Judo Magazine?

The Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine was created by Nik Fairbrother who designed and edited the magazine until 2017 when the magazine was bought by Fighting Films, who now deal with all subscriptions.

Judo Books

To get technique tutorials take a look at our judo books available as paperback and also as judo ebooks that you can read on smartphones or tablets or computers.

We are interested in getting kids to read more by using visuals to encourage reading and also help judoka remember their judo throws, the Japanese names and terminology.

Reading is one of life’s joys, and books can inspire and empower you in life.

2016 Rio Olympics Judo Magazine

What’s in this issue?


Lots of Rio 2016 role models to inspire your kids with Olympic and Paralympic stars: Colin Oates, Sam Ingram and Chris Skelley.

Neil Adams highlights five fighters he believes will win the golds in Rio 2016 Judo and 11 year old Deryn Bach (VI National Champion) interviews Rio 2016 Judo Paralympic team member Chris Skelley.


Osoto Gari is the focus technique of this edition. First, your judoka can take a look at the basics with our step by step guide.

There is a warm up judo drill to improve coordination and timing. Plus we look at useful judo combination for more advanced judoka: Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi into Osoto Gari.

Koka Kids can provide judo coaches with visual resources to accompany your teaching with our top ten judo throws and advanced judo packs.

Here’s more on how you can use visuals to make your judo lessons memorable and fun.

WIN A Prize

Kids love prizes!!! Win a Koka Kids JUDO T-shirt or Hoody by drawing a picture or sending in a selfie

Each issue we vary our prizes to include children’s judo suits, hoodies and tshirts.

children's judo suit by Koka Kids and Fighting Films
Kids Judo Suit by Koka Kids and Fighting Films


Dojos in this issue: The Budokwai, Iinkai, Miramar, AJ Llanfyllin and AJ Welshpool, Battle Hill, Core judo, Manor Judo.

Facts on Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio 2016

How many athletes will compete in Rio? How many Olympic and Paralympic judo medals has Great Britain won? Which judoka has won more Olympic golds than any other? Find out in this issue.


Koka Kids believes in teaching the judo moral code. We aim to make each issue uplifting full of positive messages and values.

This issue get the Yes, Technique Matter Rio 2016 Judo poster

Take a look at our judo life lessons

Rio 2016 Judo poster