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Judo Games, Drills & Warm ups

judo games and drills

Judo Games, Drills & Warm ups

Judo games like these 10 drills can be brought into warm-ups to teach movement patterns.

I (Nik Fairbrother) spoke to judo coach Miles Sayer about using the Koka Kids games and advanced combination judo programme at the Ramsgate Judo Club.

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How did the judoka like the judo games?

Judo coach Miles Sayer of Ramsgate Judo Club put the games and drills into a fun judo workout giving out certificates at the end of the session.

“We had an awesome night the juniors really enjoyed the drills we will be including them in our weekly training sessions,” said Miles.

What the judoka said…

Take a look at: 10 Judo Drills to see what the judoka are talking about.

#1: Crash Pad Sprints

Ethan: I found if difficult at first but I got the hang of it.

Blake: Really enjoyed it and liked the fast pace.

#2: Judo Nastics

Jamie: Really enjoyed it, found it fun, amazing.

Ethan: Loved it, great fun.

#3: Kakari Geiko

Ben: Awesome

Alex: I learnt a lot from this exercise.



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Advanced Judo

Ramsgate judoka will be learning judo combinations next and earning their Advanced Judo certificates. 

The Advanced Combination Judo programme is a pack of coaching resources that help coaches teach and kids learn 20 judo combinations.

Get more info on Advanced Combination Judo.

Download these certificates here.

Tai otoshi combinations

When working on combinations it is a good idea to take your major waza and work around it.

For example, let’s take Tai Otoshi as our major waza.

See more judo throws animated

Set it up!

First work on a set up throw into Tai Otoshi, like Ouchi-Gari.

Ouchi Gari works very well as it creates the movement that opens your partner up for the Tai-otoshi perfectly.

Follow up throw

Once you have that nailed, start developing follow up throws for when uke avoids or blocks your main waza. 

There are lots of judo throws you can choose from but we especially like Tai otoshi into Uchi Mata.

games for judo combinations

A judoka with the advanced judo combination certificate