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Kids Judo Gi made by Fighting Films

kids judo gi by Koka Kids and Fighting Films

Kids Judo Gi

The Koka Kids Children’s Judo Suit is made by the Internationally famous judo company Fighting Films.

This is a kids judo gi, that is both quality and affordable. This children’s judo suit is strong enough to last and light to wear.

On one of the shoulders of the Koka Kids kids judo gi is a woven patch featuring the judo monkey, Uchi Banani. On the other is the distinctive Fighting Films logo worn by some of judo’s greatest superstars.

The Koka Kids Judo Gi is a great buy for all children, especially beginners and intermediate level judoka.

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Questions about judo suits?

Read on to get our short Q&A Guide for parents on how to choose a judo suit for your child, what to look out for, and a look at options from other brands on the market.

Choosing a Kids Judo Gi

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Koka Kids Judo Suit

Kids Judo Belt

A kids judo belt is included in the price, and each of our white judo belts has the Fighting Films logo woven in to patch.

A Kids Judo Gi:
made by Fighting Films and Koka Kids. 

Find out how Koka Kids joined forces with top judo suit manufacturer Fighting Films to make this specialised children’s judo suit.

Written by Nik Fairbrother.

The Making of our Kids Judo Gi

When Fighting Films suggested we do a children’s judo suit I jumped at the chance.

A kids judo gi to be made by one of the best judogi companies in world judo.

Yes, please! I didn’t have to think twice.

Fighting Films judo suits are worn by judo superstars, club players and coaches from all over the world.

I have been wearing a Fighting Films judogi for the past two decades.

Fighting Films are known for their excellence and I knew if they were going to do a starter judo suit for children it was going to be quality.

So we began to get our heads together with the idea to come up with something a bit special for the judo kids out there.

And we came up with the Hajime Judo Suit – a gi for kids.

kids judo gi

Kids Judo Uniform with a Difference

As you’d expect from Fighting Films it is strong, light and beautifully finished. It also comes complete with a white belt, so no need to spend extra to buy a belt.

But there is something that stands this judo suit apart from other kids gis out there and that is this:

This kids judo gi has a personality!

Each judo gi has a different woven badge on the shoulder showing Uchi Banani – which the kids love!

Judo Gi Sizes

The Judo suit sizes start at 100cm and going up to 150cm – see the drop down menu here.

Launch Day

We launched the judo suit with the help of two friends, who also happen to be two of judo’s greatest superstars, Gemma Gibbons and Euan Burton.

Gemma had just won the Olympic silver medal in London 2012 but took time out to mix with the judoka and show them a few moves.

Euan showed the kids deashi-barai and tai-otoshi.

Our thanks to both Gemma and Euan who took time out to hold an impromptu judo session at the photo shoot.

Kids judo Gi
Olympic Silver medallist Gemma Gibbons shows the judoka a few tips
Hajime Gi Judo Suit
Euan Burton wears Fighting Films Judogi

What is a judogi?

Judogi is a Japanese word and it means judo suit.

This is what all judoka (people who do judo) will wear when they go to the dojo (judo hall) to practise judo.

The judo gi comprises of three pieces: a judo jacket, judo trousers and a judo belt.

For free and fun activities, visit the Kids Judo Online Dojo.

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