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Judo Inside, by Hans Van Essen

Judo Inside is an online data base. Here is some information about how you can use it to search for judo’s greatest world champions.

A guest post written by Hans Van Essen, the mastermind behind

Get your name on

As a young athlete you set your ambitions, you perhaps have a goal of winning an Olympic title or becoming a world champion?

And also to become Olympic Champion as a person with the values of a judoka and a champion. You want to become a champion on and off the mat.

Like the others that have gone before you, perhaps also you goal is to have your name in along the judo greats of past and present.

Start by studying your judo heroes. Use Judo Inside to analyse the champions you want to become. Learn from the heroes of the past so you can be the future.

Find Judo Champions on Judo Inside

Judo Inside is an online data base and provides you all the information of your Judo heroes.

Search the data base by filling out the details of your famous judo fighter.

Look up what achievements Nicola Fairbrother had during her career, how triple Olympic champion Tadahiro Nomura peaked, or stylist Shohei Ono.

Search for a Judo Hero

All your judo heroes are in this Judo Inside online database.

Who will you search for first?

British Judo World Champions

Why not start by looking up the British World Champions? Great Britain has had eleven judoka who have won the world title. Some of them have won it as many as four times. Find out who that is by clicking on the names below and looking at the medals won.

Here are Britain’s judo world champions:

  1. Kate Howey
  2. Karen Briggs
  3. Jane Bridge
  4. Loretta Doyle
  5. Diane Bell
  6. Ann Hughes
  7. Sharon Rendle
  8. Nik Fairbrother
  9. Neil Adams
  10. Graeme Randall
  11. Craig Fallon

Judo Legends

Or find out more about the legends of our sport. Who are the greatest judoka of all time? Who are the judo fighters who have won the most medals? Who are the Judo Legends?

Here is Judo Inside’s list of the world greatest ever judo champions:

  1. Teddy Riner
  2. Shohei Ono
  3. Ilias Iliadis
  4. Daria Bilodid
  5. Tadahiro Nomura
  6. Ryoko Tani
  7. Kayla Harrison
  8. David Douillet
  9. Ingrid Berghmans
  10. Anton Geesink

Can you add to this list of judo legends? Who would you add?

Become a Hero Yourself

Use Judo Inside to find out more about judo history and learn from the heroes of the past.

Olympic champion and triple world champion Ilias Iliadis said: “We are all human, we all have our technique, our ambitions, but dare to dream big. In Judo it’s all possible.”

Learning judo throws and good judo technique comes first and goes hand in hand with learning the values of being a judoka, and understanding the judo moral code.

Discover the opportunity and dare to dream big. Your next medal starts with

Judo Inside
guest post by Hans Van Essen of Judo Inside