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The Shoulder Roll Learn this Judo Turnover.

To win on the ground in junior judo you must turn you partner onto their back and hold them down. But it’s not always that easy. What happens when your partner defends on all fours? The answer is: The Shoulder Roll.

Learn how to do 20 Turnovers in the book: Learn Groundwork, 20 Turnovers.

How to do the Shoulder Roll

Watch the video animation below to learn the steps.

  1. Grab the Shoulder with both hands.
  2. Pull your partner’s shoulder towards you, with the aim to collapse their defence.
  3. Push uke over onto their back.
  4. Follow up into an Osaekomi.

Teaching the Shoulder Roll

Judo coaches can download the Shoulder Roll teaching materials from the Koka Kids Coaching Resources Teach Techniques.

The Shoulder Roll Judo

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Improve Judo Groundwork

This turnover is just one of twenty, you’ll find in the Koka Kids Judo Book “Learn Judo Groundwork.”

You’ll also discover how to turn you partner over from any position, and how to break through typical groundwork defences, like when your partner blocks you by going flat on their stomach, or by going on all fours.

The book, like all the Koka Kids series, is available from amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

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