Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

8 Judo Teaching Tools from Koka Kids

This month, Koka Kids has released eight useful judo teaching tools for judo coaches. Here we take a look at each of them and how you might use them in your Dojo.

How to get the Judo Teaching Tools?

For the past four months, every Monday, Koka Kids has been sending out free and paid resources to judo coaches around the world. You can find out more about signing up.

Once you are signed up, the teaching materials will be sent straight to your email inbox, every Monday morning for you to download, print and use at your dojo.

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Free versus Paid Options

There are two options on the subscription plan: free and paid.

With the free option you will receive mainly resources to help you promote your judo class and engage your judoka. This option does not include any technique resources.

With the paid-option, every week, you will receive a technique teaching card and certificate (plus all the free stuff, of course.) Visuals that reinforce your classes, and help your judoka learn faster. Techniques will include judo throws, combinations and counters, turnovers and hold downs. A ready-made lesson plan, in your inbox, every week!

Judo Teaching Tools: What’s for free?

We Do Judo Here Poster

Let everyone know you do judo! Plaster the walls with this poster. Hand out flyers. Go Big. Let them Know.

Download: We Do Judo Here Poster

Spirt of Judo Certificate

A certificate to recognise acts of kindness, courage and true judo spirit.

Download: Spirit of Judo Certificate

Dojo Rules Poster

Display the Dojo Rules for everyone to see (and obey!)

Download: Dojo Rules Poster

Ippon Colour In Page

Colour it in and score more of them! 🙂 A bit of fun for the youngest judoka.

Download: Ippon Colour in

Judo Teaching Tools: What does the paid subscription include?


Bright and colourful visuals make it easy to remember the names. Download a teaching card and a certificate to help judoka master this hold down.

Paid Resource: Tate-Shiho-Gatame


How to do Okuri-Ashi-Barai step by step. Teaching materials include an illustrated guide and a certificate.

Paid Resource: Okuri-Ashi-Barai

Knee Lever

A good turnover for beginners. The paid subscription includes Judo Teaching Tools to teach hold downs, throws, combinations and also groundwork turnovers, like the Knee Lever. Easy to learn and very effective in turning your partner over.

Paid Resource: Knee Lever.

Kouchi-Deashi Combinations

Help your judoka develop Ashi-Waza skills with this combination. This week’s materials include a step by step guide to hand out and reinforce the skills as you teach this combination.

Paid Resource: Combination

Judo Teaching Tools by Koka Kids