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Learn Judo Groundwork


★ This book contains 20 turnovers.

★ There are turnovers for all types of defences (curling in a ball on all fours, laying flat on the mat) and from when you are yourself defending (from underneath, or on your own back)

★ There are clear, step by step illustrations on how to do each turnover. 

★ The illustrations show each part of the turnover from how to get your hands in, to turning your partner onto their back and into a hold down.

★ There are tips and instructions on how to do each technique.

★ The author, Nik Fairbrother is a 7th Dan, an Olympic silver medallist and a judo world championand brings over 30 years of judo expertise.

★ There is also additional, free online support material to accompany the techniques in this book. 

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Groundwork judo is fun and an easy way to score a judo ippon! 

But many kids get stuck at the first hurdle of not knowing how to turn their partner over. 

This book will make sure you never have that problem again:

What does this book teach you?

By the end of this book you will have learnt twenty turn overs. 

You will be able to turn your partner over from any defence.

You will have all the skills you need to win many contests using newaza.

Groundwork is often neglected, which is a big mistake.

Because of this simple, universal fact: Judoka don’t float! Sooner or later every contest ends up in newaza. Get good at it!

This book will make you very, very good at groundwork.

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