Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Learn Judo Breakfalls


What is in this book?

★ Four breakfalls

★ How to do fall and roll safely

★ Fun Koka Kids Fact Files

★ 10 Agility and Fitness Exercise

★ Tips from Olympic medallist, Nik Fairbrother





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Master Judo Breakfalls (Ukemi) and you also improve your throwing ability. How so? Because if you can fall and roll without fear – you will attack with more confidence. Learn how to fall and roll safely and get to grip with judo basics.

Four Types of Breakfall

By the end of this book you will have mastered all the different types of judo breakfall (ukemi). You will be able to fall and roll forwards, backwards, sideways.

Agility Tests

Use the ten fun, agility tests to improve flexibility, coordination, balance and movement skills. Agility is a key skill to becoming a great judoka. The more agile you are the more difficult it will be to throw you!

Meet the Koka Kids

Fun section on some of the favourite Koka Kids characters, including Uchi Banani and Blushido. Read the fact files and check out their favourite techniques!


Suitable for all judoka looking to improve their agility and fitness.

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