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Teach Osoto-Gari with Koka Kids visuals



Teach Osoto-Gari with coaching material from Koka Kids to reinforce what your classes. Coaches can get the supporting material here:

Teach Osoto-Gari with step by step to help your judoka visualise each phase of this judo throw.

Osoto-Gari step by step teaching card

Osoto-Gari certificate

Teach Osoto-Gari

How to Teach Osoto-Gari

To throw with Osoto-Gari first you must break your opponent’s balance (Kuzushi) and this can be done by stepping wide with your support leg and at the same time pull uke off balance over the leg you will attack.

Next, swing your attack leg past uke, then bring it back sharply to reap uke’s leg out from underneath him, driving uke backwards using your grip on the collar and sleeve.

Osoto-Gari by Koka Kids

Osoto Gari Combinations

To teach Osoto-Gari to more advanced judoka, use it as part of a combination.

A classic combinations include Ouchi-Gari into Osoto-Gari, a combination used by the legendary Teddy Riner to devastating effect.

Or, another great combination that develops movement is Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi into and out of Osoto-Gari

What are the Koka Kids Judo Coaching Resources?

Every week, will release new visual teaching aids, that include Step by Step Cards and Certificates. You can download and print these resources and give out to your judoka.

How will this help my judoka learn faster?

  • 2 out of 3 children in your dojo are likely to be visual learners. 
  • we process visual info 60,000 times faster than audio or written.
  • retention improves; weeks later, when words have been forgotten, images remain in our brain.

Do the resources include judo hold downs as well as judo throws ?

Yes. The resources are a mixture of judo throws, judo hold downs, turnovers and combinations to cover a range of abilities from beginner to advanced judoka. You can see the technique section here.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the Koka Kids Technique Resources?

At the time of writing this post (June 2022) the cost is just $7.00 a month, or $70.00 if you take out an annual subscription.

Judo Books for Children by Koka Kids

Learn all the judo throws in the Gokyo

Osoto-Gari is just one of the 40 Techniques that feature in the best selling Koka Kids book: 40 Judo Throws that is now available in French, Spanish and German!

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