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Teach Hane-Goshi

Judo Teachers this week’s technique is Hane-Goshi

To teach Hane-Goshi and for more coaching material, please sign up to Koka Kids Coaching Resources, and join KK+, where you can download and use the pdf templates.

Hane Goshi Teaching Cards

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Learn Hane-Goshi

Want more about how to throw and teach Hane-Goshi? You can read the Hane-Goshi tutorial, which you’ll find under Judo Throws, along with animations of every judo technique in The Gokyo.

Teach Hane-Goshi

What does Hane-Goshi mean?

Hane-Goshi means “hip sweep” in English. You can find out the meaning to more judo words by going to 85 Japanese Judo Words, a book with common judo terminology, all the Japanese words and their English meanings.