Kids Judo Books by Koka Kids
Judo Books by Koka Kids

Judo Christmas Gift Ideas by Koka Kids

Judo Christmas Gift Ideas for Judoka!

10 Hold Downs Book

For Judo gift ideas and inspiration you’re in the right place. Scroll down to solve your Christmas dilemmas. We have lots of gifts for kids who love judo, including books, hoodies, Christmas cards, judo suits and even monkeys!

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1. Judo Books – for Kids who Love Judo

Judo Christmas Gift Ideas

For Judo Christmas Gift ideas that keep teaching – buy your child a judo book.

Books are what we, here at Koka Kids, do best and they are available in English, French, German and Spanish. The books can be bought directly from amazon

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Which book is right for your child? See the Parent’s Guide to Buying the Right Koka Kids Book.

Links to each book

40 Judo Throws – Learn How to Throw

Master 20 Turnovers – Learn Groundwork

New!!! 20 Combinations – Advanced Judo

Jigoro Kano and the Moral Code

85 Japanese Judo Worlds – Learn Judo Terminology

10 Holds Downs and 10 Fun Challenges

Judo Colouring Book – Fifty Ippon to Colour In

Learn Judo Breakfalls with 10 Fun Agility Tests

Learn 10 Judo Throws with 20 Dojo Drills

2. Free Judo Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards to print off and attach to your judo gifts can be found in the Judo Shop. They’re free to download. There are two designs to choose from. Take a look!

5. Hoody

Keep warm and look good at the dojo, in this fleece lined hoody. Also available in navy.

2. Fun Activity Pack for Kids

Keep the kids busy with this colouring in pack. Colour in Uchi-Banani and get creative! Uchi Banani, the judo monkey is also available to buy as a soft, cuddly toy. Go to the Judo Shop.

6. Judo Suit

Our kids judo suit is the perfect kit for children. It’s lightweight, but quality at an affordable price.

7. Monkey

Everyone loves Uchi-Banani the Judo Monkey! Uchi Banani, who features in all the judo books, is now available as a cute, cuddly toy.

8. Parent’s Guide

Which is the right Judo Christmas Gift idea for you to buy? Check out this online guide and answer any questions.

8. Flyers for Christmas Camps

Here’s a Christmas Judo Gift for the coaches. Use this Xmas Judo template flyer to let everyone know about this year’s Judo Xmas Party. Why not treat yourself to a subscription to KK+, and make lesson planning next year a piece of Christmas cake.