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Throws and Holds for Judo Teachers

New Throws and Holds for Judo Teachers on KK+

Judo Teachers – we have just added a load more Throws and Holds for Judo Teachers to the KK+ Library. 

This week we explore an essential skill: transitioning from tachi-waza to ne-waza.

For more tips and ideas on how to train and develop this skill take out a subscription on KK+ Coaching Resources.

Best 10 Websites for Judo Coaches

Judo Coaches specialising in children’s judo can find tons of resources from our list of the Best Ten websites for teaching kids judo.

Judo Instructors looking to deepen their knowledge and expand on technical skills should take a look at these judo websites.

Judo Throws and Techniques

O-Goshi is an excellent throw for beginners to learn, permitting control and encouraging a full turn in of the body. See how to do O-Goshi step by step with this animation of the judo throw.

O-Goshi works well in combination with Ouchi-Gari and Kouchi-Gari and many other judo techniques.

Combining Ouchi-Gari with Groundwork

From O-Goshi it is easy to transition into a hold down like Kesa-Gatame or use one of these groundwork turnovers for beginners.

The Step Over is one of the many groundwork turnovers that judo teachers can access on KK+, our new Coaching platform.