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Judo Monkey – buy him now!

Judo Monkey

Perfect for cheeky monkeys!

You can buy the Judo Monkey in our judo gift shop.

UCHI BANANI is now available as a soft toy. Get this loveable judo monkey, who comes fully dressed in his judo suit and black belt.

Judo Monkey now in the Shop

Yep, our judo shop is alive with Judo Monkeys – go to the judo gift shop and buy one before they all run away.

Our cheeky judo monkey, Uchi Banani is now available as a soft toy. He comes dressed in full judogi, with his famous bandana and judo black belt.

Judo Monkey with judoka

Who is Uchi Banani?

The judo monkey’s name is Uchi Banani. He got his name (thanks to one reader) because of his two loves of his life: UCHIKOMI and BANANAS!

Uchi Banini first featured in the Koka Kids Junior Judo magazine way back in edition 15, and he has been a firm favourite in helping judo kids learn about judo ever since.

The Judo Monkey

Judo Monkey called Uchi Banani

Uchi-Banani, the judo monkey now brings many of the judo books to life with tips and advice from how to do the perfect ukemi to how to tie a judo belt up or do a judo throw.

A Monkey who knows his breakfalls
Uchi Banani can also do the judo throws.

Learn how to draw Uchi Banani

Want to learn how to draw Uchi-Banani?

Follow this step by step guide, and get a free colouring book with pictures to download of Uchi Banani and all the Koka Kids characters.

Print off a page, colour it in and send it to us to feature in the Dojo Art Gallery

colouring book
Click here to download

Uchi Banani on a Judo Tshirt

Our kids range of judo t-shirts also feature Uchi Banani, with a variety of colours, sizes and designs to choose from.

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