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Yoko-Otoshi How to do this judo throw


Yoko-Otoshi is a sacrifice throw (sutemi-waza), and as its name suggests the direction of the throw is to the side (Yoko). You must use your hands to direct the technique, and drop down fast with your body (o-toshi) to make this throw work.

Yoko-Otoshi by Koka Kids

How to throw with Yoko-Otoshi

  1. Get your partner moving off balance to the side.
  2. Drop down, sticking your leg out to block uke’s sideways movement.
  3. Direct the throw using your hands to steer your partner onto their back.

Further reading

Many judoka are adapting Yoko-Otoshi to suit their needs, and it is a technique we are seeing more and more in world class competition.

See this IJF video on the throw.

The Koka Kids book 40 Throws contains other sutemi-waza, like Tomoe-Nage and Sumi-Gaeshi.

Sutemi-waza also work well in combinations. For example use an ashi-waza to set up for tomoe-nage, or get a reaction with uchi-mata then switch to sumi-gaeshi.

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