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Uki Waza How to do this judo throw

Uki Waza

Uki waza is a sacrifice throw, where you need to fall on your own back to throw your partner.

Uki Waza
Uki Waza

How to throw with Uki Waza

  1. Get your partner off balance, bringing them forward over their right front corner.
  2. Block the movement by sticking your leg out
  3. At the same time, fall onto your left side, and throw diagonally.

Here is an IJF video of this judo technique, which shows the direction and speed of the drop down.

More sutemi-waza

Sacrifice throws are called sutemi-waza in Japanese. These throws require an element of surprise (as you drop down) and good timing (just when uke is off balance), but they don’t need much physical power.

Here are two more sutemi-waza to add to your repertoire – Tomoe-nage and Sumi-Gaeshi.

How to do Tomoe-Nage

How to do Sumi-Gaeshi

40 Judo Throws in one book!

All these techniques also feature in the Koka Kids Judo Book: 40 Throws.

Learn all the techniques in the Gokyo No Waza, the judo syllabus devised by the Kodokan in Japan through the clear Koka Kids step-by-step illustrations.

The more you develop the range of directions you can throw in, and grow your repertoire of attacks the better a judoka you will be. You can specialise, later but first learn to throw in all directions, and both right and left handed.

40 Judo Throws
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